When should I pick blackcaps?

Answered by Edward Huber

When it comes to picking blackcaps, it is important to wait until they are fully ripe. Blackcaps berries are ripe when they have turned a dark purple color, indicating that they are at their peak of sweetness and flavor. However, it is worth noting that blackcaps berries often have a whitish cast to them when they are fully ripe. This whitish cast is completely normal and is simply a natural characteristic of the fruit.

To determine if blackcaps berries are ripe and ready to be picked, you can gently tug on them and see if they easily detach from the stem. When blackcaps are fully ripe, they should pull away from the stem effortlessly. This is a good indicator that they are at their optimal ripeness and can be harvested.

It is important not to rush the picking process and try to harvest blackcaps before they are fully ripe. While the berries may still be edible when they are slightly underripe, they will not have reached their full flavor potential. Waiting until they are dark purple and easily detach from the stem ensures that you will enjoy the sweetest and most flavorful blackcaps berries.

As an avid blackcaps picker myself, I have learned through personal experience that patience is key when it comes to harvesting these delicious berries. I have made the mistake of picking them too early in the past, only to be disappointed by their lack of sweetness. Now, I always wait until they are fully ripe and easily separate from the stem before picking them.

Blackcaps berries should be picked when they are dark purple in color, with a whitish cast, and easily detach from the stem. This ensures that you will be able to savor their full sweetness and flavor. So, be patient and allow the blackcaps to fully ripen before you reap the rewards of these delectable berries.