What was pirate rum called?

Answered by John Hunt

The rum that pirates drank was commonly referred to as “grog.” Grog was a type of rum that was watered down with other ingredients to make it more palatable and last longer. It was a staple drink for pirates and buccaneers during their long voyages at sea.

The name “grog” actually comes from the nickname of Admiral Edward Vernon, who was known as “Old Grog” because he often wore a grogram cloak. In 1740, Admiral Vernon ordered his sailors’ rum ration to be diluted with water to prevent drunkenness and improve discipline. This diluted rum became known as “grog” in his honor.

The recipe for grog varied, but it typically consisted of rum, water, and some sort of flavoring or sweetener. The water helped to stretch out the rum supply, making it last longer, while the flavoring or sweetener helped to mask the harsh taste of the alcohol. Some common additives included lime juice, sugar, or spices like cinnamon or nutmeg.

Drinking grog was not only a way for pirates to stay hydrated, but it also provided some nutritional benefits. The lime juice, for example, helped to prevent scurvy, a disease caused by a lack of vitamin C. Pirates often spent long periods at sea without access to fresh fruits or vegetables, so the addition of lime juice to their rum was a way to combat this deficiency.

In addition to its practical benefits, grog became a symbol of pirate culture and camaraderie. Pirates would gather together to share a drink of grog, often in a communal vessel like a wooden barrel or a shared cup. This ritual helped to foster a sense of unity and solidarity among the crew.

Despite its association with pirates, grog was not exclusive to them. Sailors in the British Navy and other seafaring individuals also drank grog as part of their daily rations. However, it is the image of pirates and their love for grog that has become most closely associated with this type of rum.

Today, the tradition of grog lives on, albeit in a more refined form. Pirate’s Grog, an award-winning golden rum, pays homage to the rum-drinking culture of pirates. While it may not be the same dilute grog that pirates drank centuries ago, it captures the spirit and history of those seafaring adventurers.

Pirate rum was commonly known as grog. It was a watered-down rum with various additives to improve taste and longevity. The tradition of drinking grog was not limited to pirates and was also practiced by sailors in the British Navy and other seafaring individuals. Pirate’s Grog is a modern rum that pays tribute to this historical drink and the culture of pirates.