What was killing Logan?

Answered by Willie Powers

In the movie “Logan,” the titular character meets his demise at the hands of X-24, a younger, more aggressive clone of himself. The battle between Logan and X-24 is intense and brutal, ultimately resulting in Logan’s fatal injuries.

During the fight, X-24 overpowers Logan with his superior strength and agility. Despite Logan’s incredible healing abilities, X-24 manages to stab him multiple times, severely weakening him. The wounds inflicted by X-24’s sharp claws are deep and damaging, causing Logan to bleed profusely.

In a tragic turn of events, X-24 impales Logan on a tree, further exacerbating his injuries. The impalement not only punctures Logan’s body, but it also restricts his movements and hinders his ability to defend himself.

Logan’s healing factor, which has saved him countless times before, is unable to keep up with the severity of his injuries. The combination of the multiple stab wounds and impalement proves to be too much for his weakened body to recover from.

Adding to the already dire situation, Logan had been struggling with his declining healing abilities and overall health throughout the movie. The adamantium in his body, which once made him nearly indestructible, has been slowly poisoning him, causing his powers to diminish over time.

Furthermore, Logan’s emotional and mental state also contribute to his physical decline. He carries a heavy burden of guilt, regret, and loss, which takes a toll on his physical well-being. The weight of his past actions and the constant battles he’s fought have left him weary and worn down.

In a poignant twist, Logan had been saving an adamantium bullet for himself, intending to end his own life. However, it is X-23, his young clone daughter, who ultimately uses the bullet to kill X-24. This act not only avenges her father’s injuries but also serves as a bittersweet moment of redemption for Logan.

Logan’s demise in the movie is a result of the intense battle with X-24, where he sustains multiple fatal stab wounds and is impaled on a tree. His declining healing abilities, the poisoning effects of adamantium, and his emotional and mental state all contribute to his inability to recover from these injuries. It is a tragic end for a character who has endured so much, but his legacy lives on through X-23 and the hope she represents for the future.