How do you drink Talisker Storm?

Answered by Frank Schwing

When it comes to drinking Talisker Storm, there are different preferences depending on personal taste. Some people enjoy it neat, while others prefer it with a few drops of water. Personally, I find that adding a few drops of water can really enhance the drinking experience.

Neat, Talisker Storm has a sweet aroma with hints of caramel, vanilla, and a slight smokiness. However, the sweetness can sometimes be a bit overpowering. This is where water comes in. Just a few drops of water tames the sweetness and brings out some additional notes, such as lemon peel. The aroma becomes more balanced and inviting.

Moving on to the palate, drinking Talisker Storm neat can be quite rich and intense. The sweetness is still present, but there are also deeper, smoky flavors that come through. However, adding water can brighten up the palate and bring out more tart high notes. This makes the overall taste less cloying and more refreshing.

I highly recommend trying Talisker Storm with a little water to see how it changes the flavor profile. It’s a great way to explore the different nuances and dimensions of this whisky. Additionally, adding water can also help to mellow out the alcohol burn, making it easier to appreciate the subtle complexities of the spirit.

There is no right or wrong way to drink Talisker Storm. Some may prefer it neat, while others enjoy it with a few drops of water. It ultimately comes down to personal preference. However, I do recommend trying it with water at least once, as it can really enhance the drinking experience and bring out different flavors. Cheers!