What was Hagrid’s Dragons name?

Answered by Antonio Sutton

Hagrid’s dragon’s name was Norbert. In the first book of the Harry Potter series, “Philosopher’s Stone,” Hagrid won an egg from a hooded stranger at the Hog’s Head Inn. This egg eventually hatched into Norbert, a Norwegian Ridgeback dragon.

Norbert was described as a baby dragon with spiny wings and a long snout. As the story progressed, we learned that Norbert was actually a female dragon, which Charlie Weasley, Ron’s older brother and a dragon expert, mentioned made them more vicious.

It’s fascinating to see how Hagrid’s love for magical creatures led him to acquire such a unique and dangerous pet. Throughout the series, Hagrid’s affinity for creatures like Norbert showcases his kind and nurturing nature, even towards creatures that others might find intimidating or fearsome.

The presence of Norbert in the story added an element of excitement and danger, as keeping a dragon hidden in Hogwarts was against the rules. Hagrid, being a loyal friend to Harry, Ron, and Hermione, took great risks to protect Norbert, even providing them with information on how to safely transport the dragon to Charlie Weasley in Romania.

Norbert’s gender reveal in “Deathly Hallows” was an interesting twist, showing that even the most knowledgeable experts like Charlie Weasley can sometimes misidentify the gender of magical creatures. This revelation also added depth to Norbert’s character, as it explained her aggressive behavior, characteristic of female Norwegian Ridgebacks.

Norbert’s presence in the Harry Potter series not only added excitement and danger but also showcased Hagrid’s unwavering love for magical creatures. The journey of raising a baby dragon and eventually finding her a suitable home in Romania highlights the bond between Hagrid and Norbert, as well as the lengths Hagrid would go to protect and care for his beloved creatures.