What two dogs make a Chihuahua?

Answered by Edward Huber

The origin of the Chihuahua breed has been a topic of debate among historians and dog enthusiasts. While there are different theories, two main possibilities are often discussed.

1. Techichi Theory:
One theory suggests that the Chihuahua is a direct descendant of the Techichi, an ancient companion dog breed that existed in Mexico as early as the 9th century. The Techichi was believed to be a sacred dog among the Toltec civilization and later the Aztecs. These dogs were small in size, had a rounded skull, and were known for their loyal and affectionate nature.

The Techichi theory suggests that the Chihuahua is a result of selective breeding of the Techichi dogs, with a focus on reducing their size and refining certain physical characteristics. Over time, breeders aimed to create a smaller and more compact dog that retained the Techichi’s endearing personality traits.

2. Techichi and Chinese Crested Cross Theory:
Another theory proposes that the Chihuahua is a crossbreed between the Techichi and a small hairless dog known as the Chinese Crested. The Chinese Crested, famous for its unique appearance and often seen in the World’s Ugliest Dog Competition, has a similar body shape and size to the Chihuahua.

This theory suggests that breeders intentionally crossed the Techichi with the Chinese Crested to introduce certain features. The Chinese Crested’s hairless gene could have influenced the Chihuahua’s coat type, resulting in both smooth-coated and long-coated varieties seen in the breed today.

It’s worth noting that the exact origins of the Chihuahua may never be definitively proven. The breed’s history is intertwined with ancient civilizations, crossbreeding, and selective breeding practices that might not have been well-documented.

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