How to make Red lobster’s lobster punch drink?

Answered by Michael Wilson

To make Red Lobster’s Lobster Punch drink, you will need the following ingredients:

– 1.25 oz Malibu Red
– Pineapple juice
– Mango mix
– 0.75 oz Myers Dark Rum
– Orange
– Lobster-pick speared cherry

Now, let’s get started with the recipe!

1. Begin by preparing your glass. As you mentioned, the glass should be included in the price. Any tall glass or hurricane glass would work well for this drink. Make sure the glass is clean and ready for use.

2. Fill the glass with ice. This will help keep your drink nice and chilled throughout.

3. Measure 1.25 oz of Malibu Red and pour it into the glass over the ice. Malibu Red is a combination of Malibu coconut rum and tequila, giving it a unique flavor.

4. Next, it’s time to add the fruit juices. Start by pouring pineapple juice into the glass. The amount will depend on your personal preference, but a good starting point is around 2-3 ounces.

5. Now, add the mango mix to the glass. This will give the drink a tropical and fruity twist. Again, the amount can vary, but around 2-3 ounces should suffice.

6. Give the drink a gentle stir with a spoon to mix all the ingredients together.

7. To add an extra layer of flavor, we’ll top the drink with 0.75 oz of Myers Dark Rum. Slowly pour it over the back of a spoon so it floats on top of the drink. This not only adds visual appeal but also enhances the taste.

8. For garnish, take an orange and slice it into thin rounds. Cut a small slit in one of the slices and slide it onto the rim of the glass. This will give your drink a vibrant and citrusy aroma.

9. Lastly, take a lobster-pick and spear a cherry with it. Place the cherry on top of the drink, resting it on the orange slice. This adds a touch of elegance and indulgence to your Lobster Punch.

And there you have it! A delicious Lobster Punch inspired by Red Lobster. Sip and enjoy the tropical flavors, and feel free to adjust the ingredients to your taste preferences. Cheers!