What states brew the most craft beer?

Answered by John Hunt

When it comes to craft beer, certain states in the US are renowned for their dedication and passion for brewing. The craft beer scene has exploded across the country in recent years, with small, independent breweries popping up in every corner. So, which states brew the most craft beer? Let’s take a closer look.

1. Vermont: Topping the list is Vermont, with an impressive 15.59 craft breweries per capita. This small New England state has a rich tradition of brewing and is home to several well-known craft breweries such as The Alchemist and Hill Farmstead Brewery. Vermont’s commitment to quality and innovation has made it a mecca for beer enthusiasts.

2. Maine: Following closely behind is Maine, with 14.16 craft breweries per capita. The state’s picturesque landscapes and vibrant local culture have created the perfect environment for craft beer to thrive. Breweries like Allagash Brewing Company and Maine Beer Company are putting Maine on the map for their exceptional brews.

3. Montana: With 12.54 craft breweries per capita, Montana takes the third spot on our list. Known for its vast wilderness and outdoor adventures, Montana has embraced the craft beer movement wholeheartedly. Breweries like Big Sky Brewing Company and KettleHouse Brewing Company have gained recognition for their unique flavors and commitment to sustainability.

4. Alaska: Despite its remote location, Alaska boasts an impressive 11.21 craft breweries per capita. The state’s rugged landscape and adventurous spirit have inspired a thriving craft beer culture. Breweries like Alaskan Brewing Company and Midnight Sun Brewing Company have gained a loyal following for their innovative brews with a taste of the Last Frontier.

5. Oregon: Known for its vibrant beer scene, Oregon boasts 9.5 craft breweries per capita. The state’s craft beer industry has been thriving for decades, with breweries such as Deschutes Brewery and Rogue Ales leading the way. The Portland metro area alone is home to over 70 breweries, earning it the nickname “Beervana.”

6. Colorado: Colorado is another state that has embraced the craft beer movement with enthusiasm. With 9.3 craft breweries per capita, the state offers a diverse range of breweries, from the iconic New Belgium Brewing Company to the innovative Avery Brewing Company. Colorado’s stunning mountain landscapes and outdoor lifestyle provide the perfect backdrop for enjoying a cold pint.

7. Washington: Washington state has 8.26 craft breweries per capita, making it a significant player in the craft beer scene. The state’s unique geography, with its access to fresh ingredients and pristine water sources, has contributed to its brewing success. Breweries like Elysian Brewing Company and Fremont Brewing Company have gained national recognition for their exceptional beers.

8. New Hampshire: With 8.14 craft breweries per capita, New Hampshire has a thriving craft beer scene. The state’s small size and close-knit community have fostered a sense of camaraderie among its breweries. Notable breweries include Smuttynose Brewing Company and Portsmouth Brewery, which have helped put New Hampshire on the craft beer map.

9. Wisconsin: Known for its love of beer, it’s no surprise that Wisconsin has a strong craft beer presence. With 7.72 craft breweries per capita, the state offers a wide range of styles and flavors. Breweries like New Glarus Brewing Company and Lakefront Brewery have gained a loyal following for their high-quality brews and unique offerings.

10. Michigan: Rounding out the top ten is Michigan, with 7.6 craft breweries per capita. The state’s thriving craft beer scene has been fueled by a combination of innovative breweries and a passionate community of beer enthusiasts. Breweries like Founders Brewing Co. and Bell’s Brewery have put Michigan on the map as a craft beer destination.

It’s worth noting that these rankings are based on the number of craft breweries per capita, rather than the total volume of beer produced. Nevertheless, these states have earned their reputation as craft beer powerhouses, with a commitment to quality, innovation, and community. Whether you’re a beer connoisseur or just appreciate a good brew, these states offer a wide range of flavors and experiences that are worth exploring.