What starts with V for kids?

Answered by Jeremy Urbaniak

There are many words that start with the letter V that are perfect for teaching kids. Here are some preschool V words for kids that you can use to expand their vocabulary:

1. Verify: This word means to check or confirm something. For example, you can teach kids to verify their answers or facts before believing them.

2. Venom: Venom is a type of poison that some animals, like snakes, use to attack their prey. You can introduce this word when talking about different animals and their unique characteristics.

3. Various: This word means different or diverse. You can teach kids about the various colors, shapes, or sizes of objects around them.

4. Viable: Viable means that something is capable of working successfully. You can use this word when discussing different ideas or solutions with kids.

5. Vital: Vital means extremely important or necessary. You can explain to kids how certain things, like eating healthy food or getting enough sleep, are vital for their well-being.

6. Visual: Visual refers to anything related to sight or seeing. You can introduce this word when talking about different forms of art or when describing something that can be seen.

7. Viral: Viral is a term used to describe something that spreads quickly and widely, especially on the internet. Kids might already be familiar with viral videos or memes, so this word can be relatable to them.

8. Vacant: Vacant means empty or not occupied. You can use this word when discussing different places, such as a vacant seat or a vacant room.

9. Varied: Varied means having many different types or forms. You can teach kids about the varied types of animals, foods, or toys they encounter.

10. Verb: A verb is a word that describes an action, state, or occurrence. Introduce this word when teaching kids about different parts of speech.

11. Volleyball: Volleyball is a popular sport played with a ball and a net. You can introduce this word when discussing different sports and physical activities.

12. Velvet: Velvet is a soft and smooth fabric. You can show kids examples of velvet or describe its texture using sensory words.

13. View: View refers to what can be seen or observed. You can teach kids about different views, such as a beautiful view from a mountain or a view through a window.

14. Vocational: Vocational refers to skills or education related to a specific occupation or trade. While this word might be more advanced for preschoolers, you can introduce the concept by discussing different jobs and careers.

15. Valentine: Valentine is a term associated with love and affection, often used during Valentine’s Day. You can introduce this word when talking about emotions and special occasions.

16. Volatile: Volatile means easily evaporating or changing rapidly. While this word might be more challenging for preschoolers, you can use it to describe things like volatile liquids or volatile weather conditions.

17. Vibrate: Vibrate means to move rapidly back and forth. You can demonstrate vibrations using different objects, such as a vibrating phone or a tuning fork.

These are just a few examples of preschool V words for kids. By incorporating these words into conversations, activities, and books, you can help children expand their vocabulary and enhance their language skills.