What should I wear for 70s day?

Answered by Antonio Sutton

When it comes to dressing for a 70s party, there are plenty of fun and unique options to choose from. Whether you want to go for a groovy hippie look or embrace the disco era, here are some tips on what to wear for a 70s day:

1. Bell-bottom jeans: These iconic flared jeans were a staple of 70s fashion. Look for a pair with a wide leg and pair them with a colorful shirt or blouse.

2. Polyester leisure suit: If you really want to dive into the disco vibe, a polyester leisure suit is the way to go. Opt for bold colors like orange, blue, or purple, and don’t forget to add a wide-collared shirt underneath.

3. Shirts and jackets with wide lapels: Lapels were all the rage in the 70s, so look for shirts and jackets with exaggerated lapels. These can add a touch of retro style to any outfit.

4. Poncho: Channel your inner hippie with a flowy poncho. Opt for earthy tones and pair it with some flared jeans or a denim skirt for a boho-inspired look.

5. Tie-dyed shirts or jackets: Tie-dye was a popular trend in the 70s, so embrace the psychedelic colors and patterns. You can either buy a pre-made tie-dye shirt or try your hand at DIY tie-dyeing.

6. Peasant blouse or skirt: For a more relaxed and bohemian look, consider wearing a peasant blouse or skirt. These typically feature loose, flowy fabrics and are often adorned with embroidery or lace.

7. Halter-top: Halter-tops were a popular choice in the 70s and can add a touch of sexiness to your outfit. Pair one with some high-waisted jeans or a maxi skirt for a chic look.

8. Army jacket: If you want to go for a more casual and edgy look, an army jacket is a great option. You can wear it over a t-shirt or blouse and pair it with jeans or a denim skirt.

Remember, the key to nailing a 70s look is to have fun with it and embrace the retro vibes. Don’t be afraid to mix and match different pieces, experiment with bold colors and patterns, and add some vintage accessories to complete your outfit. Let your creativity shine and get ready to party like it’s the 70s!