What should I teach my toddler in November?

Answered by Jason Smith

In November, there are many fun and educational activities you can do with your toddler to help them learn and explore the world around them. Here are some ideas for what you can teach your toddler in November:

1. Fall Leaves Sensory Bin with Water: Create a sensory bin filled with water and colorful fall leaves. Let your toddler explore the different textures and colors of the leaves, and talk about the changes they see in nature during the fall season.

2. Turkey Tracks Turkey Art: This is a fun and easy art activity that can help your toddler develop their fine motor skills. Use a turkey-shaped template and let your toddler stamp their handprints or finger paints to create turkey tracks. Talk about the different patterns and colors they can create.

3. Pumpkin Handprint & Photo Keepsake: Help your toddler create a special keepsake by tracing their hand on orange paper to make a pumpkin shape. Then, add a photo of your toddler’s face to complete the pumpkin. Talk about the different parts of a pumpkin and the colors and textures they see.

4. Fall Dot Painting: Print out some fall-themed dot painting sheets and let your toddler use dot markers or stickers to fill in the dots. This activity can help your toddler practice their hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills, while also learning about different fall objects like pumpkins, apples, and leaves.

5. Fall Wreath Making Station for Toddlers: Set up a wreath-making station with different materials like paper leaves, acorns, and ribbon. Let your toddler create their own fall wreath by gluing the materials onto a paper plate or cardboard circle. Talk about the different colors and shapes they are using.

6. Handprint Boat Crafts for Columbus Day: In honor of Columbus Day, help your toddler create a handprint boat craft. Trace their hand onto paper and cut it out to create the boat shape. Then, let your toddler decorate the boat with markers or stickers. Talk about the story of Christopher Columbus and his journey across the ocean.

These are just a few ideas for what you can teach your toddler in November. Remember to keep the activities fun and interactive, and encourage your toddler to ask questions and explore the world around them.