Are black skinned chickens rare?

Answered by John Hunt

Black-skinned chickens are indeed rare, and one particularly unique breed is the Ayam Cemani from Indonesia. These chickens possess a fascinating genetic trait known as fibromelanosis, which results in hyperpigmentation and gives them their distinctive all-black appearance. This genetic mutation affects not only their feathers but also their beaks and even their internal organs, making them truly remarkable creatures.

The Ayam Cemani breed is highly sought after by chicken enthusiasts and collectors due to its rarity and intriguing aesthetic. Their jet-black plumage is so intense that it absorbs almost all light, giving them an almost otherworldly appearance. This unique feature has captivated people’s imaginations and has made them highly desirable among poultry enthusiasts.

One of the reasons black-skinned chickens are so rare is the fact that the fibromelanosis gene is relatively uncommon in poultry breeds. While there are other breeds that may have some black pigmentation, none are as uniformly black as the Ayam Cemani. This breed’s genetic makeup ensures that its entire body, inside and out, is shrouded in darkness.

Breeding black-skinned chickens can be a challenge due to the scarcity of the fibromelanosis gene. It takes careful selection and breeding practices to consistently produce Ayam Cemani chickens with the desired all-black pigmentation. This rarity contributes to their exclusivity and makes them highly sought after in the poultry community.

Personal experiences with black-skinned chickens are limited for many individuals, as these birds are quite rare and not commonly found in average backyard flocks. However, those who have had the opportunity to see and interact with Ayam Cemani chickens often describe them as captivating and unique. Their all-black appearance is truly mesmerizing, and it’s hard not to be awestruck by their striking presence.

Black-skinned chickens are indeed rare, and the Ayam Cemani breed from Indonesia stands out as an exceptional example. These chickens possess the fibromelanosis gene, which causes hyperpigmentation and gives them their distinct all-black appearance. Due to the scarcity of this gene in poultry breeds, black-skinned chickens are not commonly found, making the Ayam Cemani a highly sought-after breed among poultry enthusiasts.