What position is best for gassy babies?

Answered by Robert Flynn

When it comes to finding the best position for gassy babies, there are a few options that you can try. Each position aims to help relieve gas and promote better digestion for your little one. Here are three positions that you can experiment with:

1. Left side: Gently roll your baby onto their left side while holding them in your arms. This position can help to release any trapped gas by allowing it to move through the digestive system more easily. It’s important to support your baby’s head and neck while in this position to ensure their safety.

2. Back with leg movements: Place your baby on their back and gently move their legs as if they were cycling. This motion can help to stimulate the digestive system and relieve gas. You can do this by holding onto your baby’s ankles and gently bending and straightening their legs. It’s important to be gentle and not force any movements that your baby is resistant to.

3. Tummy time: Tummy time has many benefits, one of which is aiding digestion. Place your baby on their tummy on a clean, flat surface, such as a play mat or blanket. This position allows gentle pressure on the belly, which can help to relieve gas. It’s important to always supervise your baby during tummy time and ensure they are awake and alert.

Remember, every baby is different, and what works for one may not work for another. It may take some trial and error to find the best position that provides relief for your gassy baby. It’s also important to keep in mind that these positions should be used in moderation and not for extended periods of time.

In my experience as a parent, I found that a combination of these positions worked best for my gassy baby. Sometimes, a gentle massage or rubbing their tummy in circular motions also helped to provide relief. It’s always a good idea to consult with your pediatrician if you have any concerns or if your baby’s gas is persistent or causing distress.

The best position for gassy babies can vary, but trying positions such as the left side, back with leg movements, and tummy time can help to relieve gas and promote better digestion. Remember to always support your baby’s head and neck, be gentle with movements, and consult with your pediatrician if needed.