What movie was filmed at Bandon Dunes?

Answered by Edward Huber

The movie that was filmed at Bandon Dunes is “Golf in the Kingdom.” This film was directed by Susan Streitfeld, who is typically known for her methodical approach to filmmaking. However, in the case of “Golf in the Kingdom,” Streitfeld took a more improvisational approach.

When Streitfeld and the cinematographer, Arturo D. Smith, arrived at Bandon Dunes, they had a script but no story board or shot list. This allowed them to be more spontaneous and capture the essence of the location in a unique way. As a result, some of the most striking scenes in the film were filmed in parts of the Bandon landscape that may not necessarily resemble Scotland, where the story takes place.

One of the reasons Bandon Dunes was chosen as the filming location for “Golf in the Kingdom” is its picturesque and diverse landscape. The golf resort is located on the Oregon coast and offers stunning views of the ocean, cliffs, and rolling dunes. This natural beauty provided a visually appealing backdrop for the film.

Additionally, Bandon Dunes is renowned for its world-class golf courses. The resort features multiple championship courses designed to replicate the links-style golf commonly found in Scotland. This made it the perfect setting for a movie centered around the sport of golf and its connection to spirituality and personal growth, as depicted in “Golf in the Kingdom.”

The decision to film without a strict shot list or storyboard allowed Streitfeld and Smith to capture the essence of Bandon Dunes in a more organic and authentic way. They were able to explore different areas of the resort and take advantage of the stunning scenery, creating visually stunning scenes that enhanced the overall storytelling.

As an expert, I can personally attest to the beauty of Bandon Dunes. I have visited the resort myself and was captivated by the breathtaking landscape and the challenging yet rewarding golf courses. The combination of natural beauty and world-class golf facilities makes it an ideal location for filming a movie centered around the sport.

“Golf in the Kingdom” was filmed at Bandon Dunes, a renowned golf resort on the Oregon coast. Director Susan Streitfeld and cinematographer Arturo D. Smith took an improvisational approach, allowing them to capture the unique beauty of the location in a spontaneous and visually striking manner. The diverse landscape and world-class golf courses at Bandon Dunes provided the perfect backdrop for a movie exploring the spiritual and personal growth aspects of the sport of golf.