What home remedy kills Japanese beetles?

Answered by Randy McIntyre

One effective home remedy to kill Japanese beetles is a simple solution of water and dish soap. This method is not only easy to prepare but also safe for your plants and the environment.

To make the solution, you will need a bucket, water, and dish soap. Mix a quart of water with a teaspoon of dish soap in the bucket. It is important to use a mild dish soap that does not contain harsh chemicals or additives, as this can harm your plants.

Once you have mixed the water with dish soap, the next step is to apply it to the affected plants. There are a few different methods you can use for application. One option is to pour the soapy water into a spray bottle. This allows for easy and targeted application, as you can directly spray the beetles on your plants. Alternatively, you can use a watering can to pour the solution onto the plants, ensuring the beetles come into contact with the soapy water.

When using the spray bottle, it is best to spray the beetles directly, aiming for their bodies. The soapy water works by suffocating the beetles, causing them to die. It is important to note that this method may not be instant, and it may take some time for the beetles to perish. Be sure to apply the solution regularly, especially if you notice an infestation, to keep the population under control.

Another option is to create a trap for the Japanese beetles using the soapy water solution. Fill a shallow dish or container with the mixture and place it near your affected plants. The beetles will be attracted to the dish, and when they come into contact with the soapy water, they will drown. This method can be particularly effective if you have a large number of beetles in your garden.

In addition to using the water and dish soap solution, there are other home remedies you can try to control Japanese beetles. For example, you can handpick the beetles off your plants and drop them into a bucket of soapy water. This method requires patience and persistence, as you will need to regularly check your plants for beetles and remove them by hand.

You can also consider planting certain plants that repel Japanese beetles, such as marigolds, garlic, or catnip. These plants have natural compounds that deter the beetles from feeding on them. Additionally, using beneficial nematodes in your soil can help control the population of Japanese beetle larvae, which are known as grubs.

A simple solution of water and dish soap can be an effective home remedy to kill Japanese beetles. Whether you choose to spray the beetles directly or create a trap, regular application of the soapy water solution can help control and reduce their population. Combine this method with other natural remedies and practices, such as handpicking and planting repellent plants, for a more comprehensive approach to Japanese beetle control.