What level is Aerondight?

Answered by Stephen Mosley

Aerondight is a powerful silver sword that Geralt of Rivia can acquire in Chapter IV of The Witcher video game. This sword is specifically designed for fighting monsters and is known for its effectiveness in that regard. However, it is relatively ineffective against humans, making it less useful in combat situations where human opponents are involved.

In terms of its level, Aerondight does not have a specific level assigned to it. Unlike other weapons in the game that have a fixed level requirement, Aerondight’s power scales with Geralt’s character level. This means that the sword becomes stronger as Geralt levels up, making it a valuable asset throughout the game.

The unique aspect of Aerondight is that it gains charges based on Geralt’s successful hits in combat. These charges can be accumulated up to a maximum of ten. Each charge increases the sword’s damage output, making it even more effective against monsters. However, if Geralt is hit during combat, he loses all the charges he has accumulated, reducing the sword’s damage until he can build them up again.

To fully utilize the potential of Aerondight, players need to engage in combat and successfully land hits on opponents without getting hit themselves. This dynamic adds an extra layer of strategy and skill to the gameplay, as players must carefully time their attacks and dodge incoming enemy strikes.

Obtaining Aerondight is not as simple as buying or selling it. In Chapter IV, Geralt needs to complete a quest called “There Can Be Only One” to obtain the sword. This quest involves fulfilling certain conditions and making choices that align with the virtues of a true knight. Once the quest is successfully completed, Geralt is rewarded with Aerondight as a symbol of his honor and skill as a monster slayer.

Personally, I found Aerondight to be an incredibly useful weapon throughout my playthrough of The Witcher. Its scaling power with Geralt’s level meant that it remained relevant and effective in combat, even as I progressed through the game and faced stronger opponents. The challenge of maintaining and building up charges added an exciting element to battles, forcing me to be more strategic and cautious in my approach.

Aerondight is a formidable silver sword that can significantly enhance Geralt’s combat abilities against monsters. Its unique charging mechanism and scaling power make it a valuable asset in the arsenal of any Witcher who seeks to rid the world of dangerous creatures.