What kills cicadas instantly?

Answered by Douglas Hiatt

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When it comes to killing cicadas instantly, there are a few methods you can try. However, it’s important to note that cicadas are resilient insects, and completely eradicating them may require multiple approaches. Here are some options you can consider:

1. Physical removal: If you spot cicadas on your plants, you can manually remove them by hand or by using a small net. This method may not instantly kill them, but it can help reduce their population and minimize damage to your plants.

2. Insecticides: There are various insecticides available that can help control cicadas. One effective option is using carbaryl-based insecticides, such as Sevin Dust, which you mentioned in your question. This dust is designed to kill insects upon contact. It is important to follow the product instructions carefully and apply it only to the affected areas of the plants. Be cautious not to use excessive amounts that may harm beneficial insects or contaminate the environment.

3. Neem oil: Neem oil is a natural insecticide derived from the seeds of the neem tree. It can be effective against cicadas and other pests. Mix neem oil with water according to the instructions on the product label and spray it on the affected plants. Neem oil works by suffocating and disrupting the feeding and reproductive systems of insects.

4. Homemade sprays: You can make your own homemade spray using ingredients commonly found in households. One popular recipe is a mixture of dish soap, water, and garlic. Mix a few drops of dish soap, a crushed garlic clove, and water in a spray bottle. Shake well and spray onto the cicadas or affected plants. The soap suffocates the insects, while the strong odor of garlic acts as a deterrent.

5. Beneficial insects: Some predatory insects, such as assassin bugs, can help control cicada populations. By attracting and releasing these beneficial insects into your garden, you can create a natural balance that reduces the number of cicadas.

Remember, cicadas have a unique life cycle, and they spend most of their lives underground. Treating the affected plants may help protect them from damage, but it may not completely eliminate the cicadas in your area. Additionally, it’s important to consider the potential impact of insecticides on other beneficial insects, such as bees and butterflies. Always read and follow the instructions on the product labels to ensure safe and effective use.

Killing cicadas instantly can be challenging, but a combination of physical removal, insecticides, natural remedies like neem oil or homemade sprays, and promoting beneficial insects can help control their population and minimize damage to your plants.