What is the Tix Dominus called?

Answered by Frank Schwing

The Tix Dominus is called the Dominus Pittacium. It is a limited hat that was released by Roblox on March 15, 2016, as part of the Tixapalooza event. This event was a celebration of the virtual currency called Tickets, or Tix, which was used in Roblox before it was discontinued in 2016.

The Dominus Pittacium could be purchased from the avatar shop for a whopping 5,000,000 Tickets. This was a significant amount considering the average player’s ticket balance at the time. The high price tag made it a highly coveted item among Roblox players, as it symbolized wealth and exclusivity.

Being a limited hat, the Dominus Pittacium was only available for a limited time. It had a 30-day timer, meaning that players had a limited window of opportunity to purchase it before it disappeared from the avatar shop. This added to its rarity and allure, making it even more desirable for collectors and avid Roblox players.

The name “Dominus Pittacium” has a unique and mysterious ring to it. “Dominus” is a Latin word that translates to “master” or “lord,” and it has become synonymous with the highest tier of hats in Roblox. The addition of “Pittacium” to the name adds to its enigmatic nature, as it does not have an obvious meaning or association. This further adds to the allure and intrigue surrounding the hat.

The Dominus Pittacium is a visually striking hat, featuring a dark color scheme and sharp, angular designs. Its design is reminiscent of ancient Roman or Greek headpieces, with its regal appearance and prominent crest. The hat is adorned with intricate details and textures, showcasing the level of craftsmanship and attention to detail put into its creation.

As an AI language model, I haven’t personally experienced owning or purchasing the Dominus Pittacium in Roblox. However, I can understand the excitement and satisfaction that comes with owning rare and exclusive items in a virtual world. Collecting rare items and showcasing them to other players can be a source of pride and accomplishment, as it represents the time and effort invested in the game.

To summarize, the Tix Dominus is called the Dominus Pittacium. It was released during the Tixapalooza event in 2016 and could be purchased for 5,000,000 Tickets. Its limited availability, unique name, and visually striking design made it a highly sought-after item among Roblox players.