What is the tank-top’s greatest advantage?

Answered by Randy McIntyre

Tank-top Suplex is an exceptional Killer Move in Tank-top Master’s arsenal, offering him a significant advantage in battle. Its greatest advantage lies in its unblockable nature, allowing Tank-top Master to catch opponents off guard and bypass their defenses. This unblockable grab is not only an effective offensive tool but also provides versatility in his gameplay.

One of the main reasons Tank-top Suplex stands out is its ability to be seamlessly integrated into blockstrings. Tank-top Master can effortlessly cancel his blockstrings into the Suplex, catching opponents who may be expecting regular grabs or other attacks. This surprise element can leave opponents vulnerable and struggling to react in time, giving Tank-top Master the upper hand in the match.

The speed of the Tank-top Suplex adds to its advantage. It is much faster than regular grabs, making it difficult for opponents to escape or counter it once Tank-top Master initiates the move. This speed allows Tank-top Master to swiftly seize the opportunity and execute the Suplex, often before opponents can react or retaliate effectively.

Moreover, the unblockable nature of the Tank-top Suplex means that opponents cannot simply rely on blocking to defend against it. This forces them to be more cautious and strategic in their approach, as they must actively evade or counter the move. This puts pressure on opponents to constantly be on guard, creating opportunities for Tank-top Master to exploit their defensive gaps and launch devastating attacks.

The Tank-top Suplex also has the advantage of being a grab, which bypasses traditional blocking techniques. This makes it particularly effective against opponents who heavily rely on blocking or defensive maneuvers. By using the Tank-top Suplex, Tank-top Master can break through their defenses and deal significant damage, potentially turning the tide of the battle in his favor.

In addition to its offensive advantages, the Tank-top Suplex can also be used as a defensive tool. If Tank-top Master finds himself in a situation where he is being pressured or attacked relentlessly, he can utilize the unblockable Suplex to quickly counter and reverse the situation. This ability to turn defense into offense can catch opponents off guard and create opportunities for Tank-top Master to regain control of the battle.

The Tank-top Suplex’s greatest advantage lies in its unblockable nature, allowing Tank-top Master to surprise opponents and bypass their defenses. Its speed, integration into blockstrings, and ability to break through blocking techniques make it a formidable Killer Move. Tank-top Master can effectively utilize the Tank-top Suplex both offensively and defensively, making it a crucial tool in his arsenal.