What is the small letter of E?

Answered by Robert Dupre

The small letter of E is é (e-acute). This letter belongs to the Latin alphabet and is commonly used in various languages. In English, it is often employed in loanwords, such as the French word “résumé,” which refers to a summary of one’s work experience and qualifications.

In addition to loanwords, the é is also used in romanization, particularly in the context of transcribing non-Latin scripts into the Latin alphabet. For example, the popular Japanese franchise “Pokémon” uses the é to represent the elongated “e” sound in the original Japanese pronunciation.

Furthermore, the é is occasionally utilized as a pronunciation aid in poetry or literature. It can add a touch of emphasis or uniqueness to a word, enhancing the overall poetic effect. This usage, though infrequent, showcases the versatility of the é in English language writing.

In my personal experience, I have come across the é in various contexts. As someone who appreciates languages and their cultural nuances, I find it fascinating to see how different alphabets and scripts interact with one another. The é serves as a bridge between languages, allowing for the smooth integration of foreign words into English.

To summarize, the small letter of E is é (e-acute), which is used in English for loanwords, romanization, and occasionally in poetry. It is a versatile letter that adds an extra layer of meaning and pronunciation to the words it appears in.