What is the rarest Knight in Fortnite?

Answered by Tom Adger

Fortnite, the popular battle royale game developed by Epic Games, offers a wide range of skins for players to customize their in-game character. Among these skins, the rarest knight skin in Fortnite is arguably the Black Knight. This legendary skin holds a special place in Fortnite’s history, as it was the reward for reaching the highest level in the game’s first-ever Battle Pass.

The Black Knight skin was introduced in the inaugural season of Fortnite Battle Royale, which began in October 2017. This season marked the beginning of an era in which players could unlock various cosmetic items by progressing through tiers in the Battle Pass. The Black Knight skin, however, was not available to all players who purchased the Battle Pass. It could only be obtained by reaching level 70, which required a significant amount of time and dedication.

What makes the Black Knight skin the rarest knight skin in Fortnite is its exclusivity. While other knight skins may have been released in subsequent Battle Passes or as part of limited-time events, the Black Knight remains unique in its status as the first ultimate reward skin. This exclusivity adds to its rarity and contributes to its desirability among Fortnite players.

From a personal standpoint, I vividly remember the excitement and dedication I put into unlocking the Black Knight skin during the first season of Fortnite. As a relatively new player at the time, the journey to level 70 felt like a daunting task. However, the allure of obtaining such a prestigious skin motivated me to keep playing and improving my skills.

The Black Knight skin itself embodies the essence of a formidable medieval knight. Clad in black armor adorned with intricate red designs, the Black Knight exudes an air of power and mystery. The helmet, featuring a menacing faceplate, conceals the identity of the player, adding to the allure of the skin. The dark color scheme and detailed craftsmanship make the Black Knight stand out among other Fortnite skins, further contributing to its rarity.

The Black Knight is undoubtedly the rarest knight skin in Fortnite. Its exclusivity as the reward for reaching level 70 in the game’s first Battle Pass, combined with its unique design and historical significance, solidifies its status as a highly sought-after skin among Fortnite players. As the game continues to evolve and new skins are introduced, the Black Knight remains a symbol of both achievement and nostalgia for early Fortnite players.