How do you unlock an iPhone without Password or iTunes?

Answered by Willian Lymon

Unlocking an iPhone without a password or iTunes can be a daunting task, but it is possible with a few simple steps. Please note that these methods are not officially supported by Apple and may not work on all iPhone models or iOS versions. Additionally, attempting to unlock someone else’s iPhone without their permission is illegal and unethical. With that said, here are some potential methods you can try:

Method 1: Using Siri (iOS 8 to iOS 10)

1. Wake up Siri by pressing and holding the Home button or using the “Hey Siri” voice command, if enabled.
2. Ask Siri to “Turn on VoiceOver.”
3. Siri will enable VoiceOver, a feature designed for visually impaired users.
4. On the lock screen, swipe right to highlight the “Slide to Unlock” button, then double-tap the screen.
5. Siri will ask you to unlock the iPhone.
6. Press the Home button to activate Siri again and ask her to “Turn off VoiceOver.”
7. Siri will disable VoiceOver, and you should be able to access the home screen without entering a passcode.

Method 2: Using Emergency Call (iOS 12 or earlier)

1. On the lock screen, tap the Emergency Call button.
2. Dial any emergency number like 911, and as soon as the call initiates, quickly tap the Power button (or the Side button on newer models).
3. The call will be disconnected, and you’ll be prompted with options like Emergency SOS or Cancel. Tap Cancel.
4. You should now have temporary access to the home screen without a passcode.

Method 3: Using Find My iPhone (iOS 13 or later)

1. Make sure you have Find My iPhone enabled on another device or through
2. Go to and sign in using your Apple ID.
3. Click on “Find iPhone” and select your iPhone from the list of devices.
4. Click on “Erase iPhone” to remotely erase the device and remove the passcode.
5. Once the erasing process is complete, you can set up the iPhone as new or restore it from a backup without needing a passcode.

Method 4: Using a Third-Party Software (Advanced Users)

There are some third-party software tools available, often marketed as iPhone passcode unlockers, which claim to bypass iPhone passcodes. These tools often require advanced technical knowledge and may not be reliable or legal in all jurisdictions. It is important to research and use reputable software if you choose this method.

Remember, unlocking an iPhone without a passcode or iTunes is not officially supported by Apple, and these methods may not work on all devices or iOS versions. It’s always recommended to use official methods or contact Apple Support for assistance.