What is meant by lubricious?

Answered by Frank Schwing

Lubricious is an adjective that can have two main meanings. The first meaning is marked by wantonness or lecherous behavior. This implies that someone or something is characterized by a strong sexual desire or indulgence in sensual pleasures. It can also refer to something that is salacious, meaning it is characterized by a strong interest in or preoccupation with sexual matters.

The second meaning of lubricious relates to the physical qualities of an object or surface. In this context, lubricious refers to something that has a smooth or slippery quality. It suggests that the object or surface is able to reduce friction or provide ease of movement.

When using the term lubricious in relation to a person’s behavior, it implies that they engage in promiscuous or lascivious actions. It suggests a lack of moral restraint or decency in their sexual behavior. For example, one might describe a character in a novel as lubricious if they are constantly pursuing sexual encounters or engaging in lewd behavior.

In terms of physical qualities, something that is lubricious has a smooth and slippery texture. This can be applied to various objects or materials, such as a lubricious skin or a lubricious substance. For instance, if someone were to describe a person’s skin as lubricious, they would be suggesting that it has a silky or velvety feel to it.

It is important to note that the term lubricious is often used in a negative or derogatory manner, particularly when describing someone’s behavior. However, when used in the context of physical qualities, it can simply describe a smooth or slippery texture without any negative connotations.

To summarize, lubricious can refer to someone’s behavior that is lecherous or sexually indulgent, as well as to the physical qualities of an object or surface that are smooth and slippery.