What is GTL Advance Pay?

Answered by Ricardo McCardle

GTL AdvancePay is a prepaid collect calling service that is specifically designed for inmates in correctional facilities to make calls to their loved ones or other individuals outside of the facility. This service allows the inmate to call a telephone number that may not be eligible for standard billing, and instead, offers the option for the called party to set up a prepaid account to receive the call.

The main purpose of GTL AdvancePay is to provide a solution for inmates who are unable to make calls to specific telephone numbers due to various restrictions, such as unpaid bills or blocked numbers. With AdvancePay, the inmate can still connect with their loved ones or anyone they wish to contact, without the limitations that standard billing may impose.

To use GTL AdvancePay, the inmate simply dials the desired telephone number. If the number is unbillable, meaning it cannot be charged through regular billing methods, the AdvancePay service kicks in. Instead of the call being rejected or blocked, the called party is given the option to set up a prepaid account to receive the call.

Setting up a prepaid account with GTL AdvancePay is a straightforward process. The called party will be prompted with the option to create an account during the call. They can choose to set up an account by providing their payment information, such as a credit or debit card, and deciding on the amount they would like to add to the prepaid balance. Once the account is created and funded, the call from the inmate can be completed, and the cost of the call will be deducted from the prepaid balance.

There are several benefits to using GTL AdvancePay. Firstly, it allows inmates to make calls to numbers that would otherwise be unreachable. This is especially important for maintaining relationships with family and friends, as well as assisting in legal matters or other important communications. The prepaid nature of the service also ensures that the cost of the calls is known upfront, providing transparency and control over expenses.

Additionally, GTL AdvancePay offers convenience and flexibility. Once the prepaid account is set up, the called party can receive calls from the inmate without the need for further account creation or verification. This makes it easier for both parties to stay connected and eliminates the need for constant account management.

It’s worth noting that GTL AdvancePay is just one of the many services offered by GTL (Global Tel Link). GTL is a leading provider of technology solutions for the corrections industry, offering a wide range of services to inmates and correctional facilities across the United States. Their services include inmate telephone systems, video visitation, messaging, and other communication solutions.

GTL AdvancePay is a prepaid collect calling service that allows inmates to call telephone numbers that may not be eligible for standard billing. The service provides an option for the called party to set up a prepaid account, enabling the inmate to make the call and ensuring that the cost is covered. This service offers convenience, flexibility, and the opportunity for inmates to maintain connections with the outside world.