What is faster than a wyvern ark?

Answered by Ricardo McCardle

When it comes to outrunning a Wyvern in Ark: Survival Evolved, there are a few options that can be faster than the Wyvern itself. One of the most effective methods is using an Argentavis with at least 200% speed. The increased speed allows you to quickly maneuver and stay ahead of the Wyvern.

To achieve this speed, you can level up the movement speed of your Argentavis or use a tamed one with high base speed. It’s important to note that wild Argentavis cannot be tamed with increased movement speed, so it’s best to focus on breeding and raising your own Argentavis with high speed stats.

Once you have a fast Argentavis, you can use it to swoop in and snatch the Wyvern egg from its nest. However, be cautious as the Wyvern will become aggressive and chase after you once you take its egg. That’s where the use of a whip comes in handy.

Whips can be used to pick up items, including Wyvern eggs. When used correctly, the whip can grab the egg from the nest without dismounting your Argentavis. This saves valuable time and allows you to make a quick escape. Practice using the whip in a safe area before attempting to grab a Wyvern egg to ensure you have the technique down pat.

In addition to the Argentavis and whip strategy, there are other methods to consider for outrunning Wyverns. Some players opt for using a fast Pteranodon or Quetzalcoatlus with high speed stats. These flying mounts can also provide a quick getaway, but may not be as effective as an Argentavis with high speed.

It’s worth mentioning that utilizing speed-enhancing items or consumables, such as the Speed Brew or Enduro Stew, can further boost your mount’s speed and help you outrun Wyverns. These items can be crafted or obtained through various means in the game.

Lastly, it’s important to be cautious and plan your escape route when going after a Wyvern egg. Make sure you have a clear path to fly away from the nest and avoid any obstacles or enemy creatures that may hinder your escape.

An Argentavis with at least 200% speed is a reliable option for outrunning Wyverns in Ark: Survival Evolved. Remember to practice using the whip to quickly grab the egg and make a swift getaway. Consider using speed-enhancing items or other fast-flying mounts if an Argentavis is not readily available. Stay vigilant and plan your escape route to ensure a successful egg heist.