What is a shotgun slang drug?

Answered by Ricardo McCardle

A shotgun slang drug, also known as shotgunning, is an illicit drug smoking practice that involves the transfer of smoke from one person’s mouth to another person’s mouth. It is typically done with drugs such as marijuana or tobacco, although it can also involve other substances like crack cocaine or methamphetamine.

The process of shotgunning begins with one person inhaling the drug, whether it be from a joint, pipe, or other smoking device. Once the smoke is inhaled, the person then exhales or blows the smoke directly into the mouth of another individual. This act of blowing the smoke into another person’s mouth is what gives the practice its name, as it mimics the action of shooting a shotgun.

Shotgunning is often seen as a social activity, where individuals gather in groups to share and consume drugs together. It is commonly practiced among friends or romantic partners, as it creates a sense of intimacy and connection. The act of shotgunning can be seen as a bonding experience, as it involves a level of trust and closeness between the individuals involved.

There are several reasons why people engage in shotgunning. For some, it is simply a way to share and enjoy the effects of drugs with others. It can be seen as a communal activity, where everyone gets to experience the high together. Shotgunning can also enhance the intensity of the drug’s effects, as the second person inhales not only their own smoke but also the residual smoke from the first person. This can lead to a more potent and immediate high.

However, it is important to acknowledge the potential risks and dangers associated with shotgunning. Firstly, the act of sharing drug paraphernalia, such as pipes or joints, increases the risk of transmitting diseases such as hepatitis or HIV. Additionally, shotgunning can also lead to the spread of respiratory infections, as the transfer of smoke involves the exchange of saliva and germs between individuals.

Moreover, shotgunning can promote unhealthy drug habits and enable substance abuse. By engaging in this practice, individuals may be more likely to consume larger quantities of drugs, as the effects are intensified. This can increase the risk of addiction and other negative health consequences.

A shotgun slang drug refers to the act of exhaling or blowing smoked drugs into another person’s mouth. It is a social activity often done among friends or partners, seeking to share the drug’s effects and create a sense of intimacy. However, shotgunning comes with potential health risks and can contribute to the development of unhealthy drug habits.