What is a helping tower?

Answered by Michael Wilson

A kitchen helper tower, also known as a learning tower, is a specially designed piece of furniture that allows toddlers to safely participate in household activities. It is essentially a stool or step ladder with raised sides and a platform for the child to stand on. The purpose of the tower is to provide a secure and stable platform for the child to reach countertops or other elevated surfaces, enabling them to be more actively involved in various tasks such as cooking, cleaning, or even just observing and learning.

The main advantage of a kitchen helper tower is that it allows toddlers to be at a height that is comfortable and safe for them. Instead of relying on chairs or makeshift structures, which may be unstable and pose a risk of falling, the tower provides a solid and secure base for the child to stand on. This not only encourages their independence and autonomy but also helps to build their confidence and develop their motor skills.

By using a kitchen helper tower, toddlers can actively participate in cooking activities. They can help measure ingredients, mix and stir, and even observe the cooking process closely. This hands-on involvement not only teaches them basic cooking skills but also promotes their cognitive development and understanding of cause and effect.

Cleaning activities can also be made easier with the help of a kitchen helper tower. Toddlers can assist in wiping down counters, washing dishes, or even putting away groceries. These tasks not only teach them the importance of cleanliness and household chores but also foster a sense of responsibility and contribution to the family.

Furthermore, a kitchen helper tower can be used for other practical life activities beyond the kitchen. For example, toddlers can use it to brush their teeth at the bathroom sink, wash their hands independently, or even engage in arts and crafts projects at a higher surface. This versatility makes the tower a valuable addition to any home with young children.

In my personal experience, using a kitchen helper tower has been incredibly beneficial for both my child and me. It has allowed my little one to feel included and engaged in everyday tasks, making them more willing to cooperate and participate. It has also made my life easier as a parent, as I no longer have to constantly lift or hold my child to reach things. Instead, they can safely stand in the tower and interact with their surroundings.

To summarize, a kitchen helper tower is a fantastic tool for involving toddlers in household activities. It provides a secure and stable platform for them to stand on, enabling them to actively participate in cooking, cleaning, and other practical life activities. Not only does it promote their independence and development, but it also fosters a sense of responsibility and contribution to the family.