Is Spieth a good putter?

Answered by Jarrod Smith

When evaluating Jordan Spieth’s putting ability, it is important to consider his performance in various statistical categories. Looking back at his 2021 season, Spieth demonstrated his skills on the green, finishing in 33rd place for SG: Putting (Strokes Gained: Putting). This metric measures a player’s performance on the greens compared to the rest of the field, indicating that Spieth was above average in this area.

Additionally, Spieth ranked 3rd in Putting Average, which calculates the average number of putts per round. This suggests that he consistently performed well in terms of the number of putts it took him to complete a round.

Furthermore, Spieth’s 5th place ranking for Putts per Round indicates that he was efficient in his putting, minimizing the number of putts needed to complete a round. This demonstrates his ability to read greens effectively and make accurate strokes to sink putts.

Another notable statistic is Spieth’s 5th place ranking in One Putt %. This metric measures the percentage of holes where a player successfully completes the hole with just one putt. This shows that Spieth was adept at sinking crucial putts to save strokes and avoid costly mistakes.

To further illustrate Spieth’s putting prowess, it is worth mentioning his victory in the Valero Texas Open in 2021. This win marked his first triumph since claiming The Open Championship almost four years prior. Winning a tournament requires a combination of skills, including solid putting. Spieth’s ability to navigate the greens successfully and sink crucial putts under pressure is evident in this victory.

While statistics provide valuable insights into Spieth’s putting abilities, it is also important to consider the subjective nature of putting. Putting is influenced by factors such as feel, touch, and reading greens, which can vary from player to player. These intangibles can greatly impact a player’s success on the greens.

As an expert, I have observed Spieth’s putting skills over the years, and I can confidently say that he is indeed a good putter. His ability to consistently perform well in statistical categories such as Putting Average, Putts per Round, and One Putt %, along with his win at the Valero Texas Open, showcases his proficiency on the greens.

It is important to note that putting performance can fluctuate over time for any golfer, and Spieth, like any other player, may experience variations in his putting game. However, based on his track record and achievements, it is evident that Spieth possesses the necessary skills and abilities to excel as a putter.