What happens if you touch a weeping angel?

Answered by Ricardo McCardle

What happens if you touch a Weeping Angel? This is a question that has intrigued Doctor Who fans for years. The Weeping Angels, also known as the Lonely Assassins, are one of the most terrifying creatures in the Doctor Who universe. Little is known about their origins or culture, but their abilities and characteristics are certainly fascinating.

When observed, Weeping Angels freeze like stone. This peculiar behavior is a defense mechanism they use to avoid detection. It is believed that they developed this ability to blend in with their surroundings and to surprise their victims. However, their statuesque appearance is not a mere illusion. They are truly made of stone, which adds to their eerie nature.

But here’s where things get really interesting – in the blink of an eye, Weeping Angels can move vast distances. This ability allows them to sneak up on their prey and catch them off guard. Imagine the shock and terror of turning your head for a split second only to find a Weeping Angel mere inches away from you. Their speed and agility make them formidable opponents.

Now, the most terrifying aspect of a Weeping Angel’s touch is its ability to send its victim back in time. When touched by an Angel, a person is transported to an earlier point in their own life. This time displacement is not a physical journey but rather a manipulation of time itself. The victim’s consciousness is thrown back, allowing the Angel to feast on the energy of their unlived days.

The concept of being sent back in time by the touch of a Weeping Angel is both fascinating and terrifying. It raises questions about the nature of time and the consequences of altering the past. What would happen if you were to interact with your younger self? Would it create a paradox? Would it change the course of history?

As for the fate of the victim, it is unclear what happens to them once they are sent back in time. Do they continue living their life from that point on, aware of the time displacement? Or do they become trapped in a loop, reliving the same moments over and over again? The show has not provided a definitive answer, leaving it open to interpretation.

The touch of a Weeping Angel has devastating consequences. It sends its victim back in time, allowing the Angel to feed on the energy of their unlived days. The exact fate of the victim remains a mystery, but one thing is for sure – encountering a Weeping Angel is a terrifying experience that no one would want to endure.