Does AirPods Max work DEAD?

Answered by Jarrod Smith

AirPods Max is a high-end over-ear headphone model released by Apple. It offers a range of impressive features, including active noise cancellation, spatial audio, and seamless integration with Apple devices. However, when it comes to using AirPods Max when the battery is dead, the answer is quite straightforward: you cannot get sound out of the headphones when they are completely drained.

The reason behind this limitation is that AirPods Max requires power to function, regardless of whether you are using them wirelessly or with a wired connection. When the battery is dead, the headphones cannot generate any audio output. This applies not only to wireless connectivity but also to wired listening.

One might think that since AirPods Max can be used with a wired connection, it should still work even if the battery is dead. However, this is not the case. The wired connection is mainly intended for situations when the battery is low or when a user prefers a wired connection for better sound quality.

In order to use AirPods Max with a wired connection, you need to connect the headphones to your audio source using a Lightning to 3.5mm audio cable. This cable allows you to bypass the need for Bluetooth connectivity and use the headphones purely in a wired mode. However, it is important to note that the cable itself does not provide power to the headphones. It simply serves as a medium for transferring audio signals.

Without a charged battery, the AirPods Max cannot function, regardless of the connection type. The battery is essential for powering the internal components of the headphones, including the audio drivers, noise cancellation circuitry, and other features. Therefore, if the battery is completely drained, you will not be able to get any sound output from the AirPods Max, even when using a wired connection.

It is worth mentioning that the battery life of AirPods Max is quite impressive, providing up to 20 hours of listening time on a single charge with both active noise cancellation and spatial audio enabled. Additionally, a quick 5-minute charge can provide approximately 1.5 hours of listening time. So, with regular charging, it is unlikely that you will find yourself in a situation where the battery is completely dead.

If the battery of your AirPods Max is dead, you won’t be able to get any sound output from the headphones, whether you are using them wirelessly or with a wired connection. The battery is an essential component that powers the internal functionality of the headphones, and without it, they simply cannot function.