What happens if you reset your ecobee thermostat?

Answered by Douglas Hiatt

When you reset your ecobee thermostat, it essentially means restoring it to its default factory settings. This process erases your current schedule and any preferences you’ve set, such as date and time, location, hold action, temperature range, and other personalized settings. However, it’s important to note that resetting your ecobee thermostat does not delete your ecobee account or any of the information associated with it.

Let’s delve into the specific implications of resetting your ecobee thermostat:

1. Schedule: Your existing schedule, which includes the temperature settings for various times of the day, will be completely wiped out. This means you will have to manually reprogram your desired schedule after the reset. It’s worth mentioning that if you had set up a vacation or away schedule, it will also be removed.

2. Preferences: Any preferences you’ve set on your ecobee thermostat will be lost. This includes preferences like the hold action (whether to maintain a set temperature until the next scheduled change or to resume the program), temperature range limits, and any other customized settings you’ve made. You will need to reconfigure these preferences again.

3. Location and Weather: If you had set your location and enabled the weather feature on your ecobee thermostat, these settings will be cleared as well. You will need to input your location again and re-enable the weather feature if desired. This allows the thermostat to display local weather information and adjust temperature settings accordingly.

4. Equipment Configuration: The reset process does not affect your equipment configuration. Your ecobee thermostat will remember the configuration you had previously set up, such as the type of heating and cooling system you have, the number of stages, and any additional accessories. These settings will remain intact even after the reset.

5. HomeIQ Data: Resetting your ecobee thermostat does not delete any historical data stored on your ecobee account, including HomeIQ data. HomeIQ provides information on energy usage, system performance, and savings. This data will still be accessible through the ecobee web portal or mobile app after the reset.

It’s worth mentioning that resetting your ecobee thermostat should be done with caution, as it erases all your existing settings and schedules. Before proceeding with a reset, ensure that you have a record of your preferred settings and schedule, so you can easily reprogram them afterward.

Resetting your ecobee thermostat erases your schedule, preferences, location, and weather settings, but it does not delete your ecobee account or equipment configuration. Take note of your desired settings before resetting and be prepared to reconfigure your thermostat to suit your specific needs.