How rare is the name Nasser?

Answered by Tom Adger

The surname Nasser is not extremely common in the United States, ranking at #7,160 in terms of frequency. This means that out of all the surnames recorded in the 2010 census, Nasser was the 7,160th most common. In that census, the Nasser surname appeared 4,673 times, which is a relatively low number compared to more common surnames like Smith or Johnson.

To put it into perspective, if you were to randomly sample 100,000 people in the United States, you would expect to find approximately 1.58 individuals with the surname Nasser. This indicates that the name is relatively rare and not as prevalent as some other more common surnames.

However, it is important to note that the rarity of a surname can vary depending on the geographic location and cultural background of the population being considered. The surname Nasser may be more common in certain communities or regions where individuals with Arab or Middle Eastern heritage reside, as Nasser is a surname of Arabic origin.

It is always fascinating to explore the origins and uniqueness of different surnames. Surnames often carry historical, cultural, or ancestral significance, reflecting the diverse backgrounds and migrations of people throughout history. The rarity of a surname like Nasser adds an element of distinctiveness and individuality to those who bear it.

While the surname Nasser is not among the most common in the United States, it is still a recognizable and unique surname that holds significance for those who carry it. The rarity of the name can make individuals with the Nasser surname stand out and may contribute to a sense of identity and connection to their cultural heritage.