What happens if shaft flex is too stiff?

Answered by Willian Lymon

When the shaft flex is too stiff, it can have a significant impact on your golf game. The flex of a golf shaft refers to how much it bends during the swing, and it plays a crucial role in the trajectory and control of your shots.

One of the main consequences of using a shaft that is too stiff is a loss of loft. The stiffness of the shaft affects the dynamic loft at impact, meaning that if the shaft flex is too stiff for your swing speed, the clubface may not have enough time to close properly, resulting in a lower loft at impact. This can lead to lower ball flight and a loss of distance.

Moreover, controlling your shots becomes more challenging with a stiff shaft. A shaft that is too stiff can make it difficult to generate enough clubhead speed and transfer energy effectively. This can result in a lack of control over the clubface, leading to off-center hits and inconsistent shot patterns.

To determine the best shaft flex for your swing, it is essential to know your swing speed. Swing speed is the speed at which the clubhead is traveling just before impact. Knowing your swing speed can help you select the appropriate flex, as different flexes are designed to match specific swing speeds.

There are various methods available to measure swing speed, including smartphone apps and clip-on devices. These tools use sensors and accelerometers to track your swing and calculate the speed. By using such technology, you can get an accurate measurement of your swing speed and make an informed decision when selecting a shaft flex.

Finding the right shaft flex is crucial for optimizing your performance on the golf course. It can help you achieve the desired trajectory, distance, and control over your shots. Therefore, taking the time to understand your swing speed and select the appropriate flex can have a significant impact on your overall game.

In my personal experience, I have encountered the challenges of using a shaft with the wrong flex. At one point, I was using a driver with a stiff shaft, thinking it would provide more control. However, I noticed that my shots were consistently low and lacked the desired distance. After measuring my swing speed, I realized that I had been using a shaft that was too stiff for my swing. Switching to a more suitable flex made a noticeable difference in both my ball flight and overall control.

To summarize, if the shaft flex is too stiff, you are likely to experience a loss of loft and struggle to control your shots effectively. It is crucial to determine your swing speed and select the appropriate flex to optimize your performance on the golf course. Utilizing smartphone apps or clip-on devices can assist in measuring your swing speed accurately. Remember, finding the right shaft flex can have a significant impact on your game, so take the time to find the perfect fit for your swing.