Lincoln’s Sacrifice in “The 100”

In the dystopian world of The 100, where survival is paramount, no character’s journey was as tragic and profound as Lincoln’s. Played by Ricky Whittle, Lincoln was a Grounder who became a pivotal figure in the show’s narrative. This article delves into the circumstances surrounding Lincoln’s demise and the emotional impact it had on the viewers. Additionally, we will explore the episode in which he tragically met his end.

Lincoln, a Grounder from Trikru, exhibited a rare empathy and understanding of both the Grounders and the Sky People. Throughout the series, he developed a deep connection with Octavia Blake, a Sky Person who defied the rules of her people to be with him. As a result, Lincoln became an integral part of both worlds, serving as a bridge between the two warring factions.

The heartbreaking moment of Lincoln’s death occurs in Season 3, Episode 9, titled “Stealing Fire.” This pivotal episode marks a turning point in the storyline, as it showcases the devastating consequences of Pike’s ruthless leadership and the tragic fate that befalls Lincoln.

Throughout the season, tensions between Pike, the leader of the Sky People, and the Grounders escalate. In an attempt to maintain peace, Lincoln is imprisoned along with other Grounders who refuse to pledge loyalty to Pike’s regime. However, things take a dark turn when Pike threatens to execute the imprisoned Grounders as a show of power.

In a heart-wrenching turn of events, Lincoln realizes that Pike’s threats are not empty and that Octavia’s life is in immediate danger. Determined to save her, he devises a plan to escape, seeking Bellamy Blake’s permission to leave. Bellamy, Octavia’s brother, reluctantly agrees, understanding the gravity of the situation.

As Lincoln carries Octavia away, their farewell is bittersweet, filled with love and hope for a future that they may never see. Tragically, Octavia succumbs to her injuries, dissolving into a mysterious green mist. This supernatural occurrence leaves viewers shocked and devastated, as Lincoln’s ultimate sacrifice did not yield the desired outcome.

In a twist of fate, Pike meets his end during the same episode. Engaged in a battle against a formidable adversary, Pike faces a Glabrezu, a powerful demon-like creature. Despite his prowess as a warrior, Pike falls victim to a critical hit, bringing an end to his reign of terror and signaling a turning point in the Sky People’s leadership.

The death of Lincoln in The 100 was a pivotal moment in the series, marking the loss of a beloved character and the emotional impact it had on both the viewers and the narrative. His sacrifice to save Octavia demonstrated his unwavering love and devotion, while also highlighting the harsh reality of the cruel world they inhabited. The episode “Stealing Fire” will forever be remembered as a heartbreaking turning point in The 100’s storyline.

How Does Lincoln Die On 100?

On the TV show “The 100,” the character Lincoln dies in a heartbreaking scene. After escaping with Kane and Sinclair, Lincoln finds himself confronted by Pike, the leader of the Sky People who has taken a hostile stance against the Grounders. Pike threatens to kill the other Grounders who were locked up, including Lincoln’s friends and allies. In a moment of desperation and sacrifice, Lincoln chooses to stay behind to protect them.

Tragically, Pike carries out his threat and executes Lincoln by shooting him in the head. This act of violence leaves Lincoln’s lifeless body lying in a puddle of mud, symbolizing the loss and tragedy of his death.

The scene is emotionally charged and highlights the ongoing conflict between the Sky People and the Grounders. Lincoln’s death also serves as a turning point for many characters, as they must now face the consequences of their actions and their involvement in the escalating tensions between the two groups.

Lincoln’s death on “The 100” is a pivotal moment in the series, showcasing the harsh realities and sacrifices that come with living in a post-apocalyptic world.

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Does Octavia Leave With Lincoln?

Octavia does leave with Lincoln. In the given scenario, Lincoln approaches Bellamy and offers to save Octavia if they leave immediately. Bellamy, understanding the urgency and importance of the situation, gives his blessing for Lincoln to save Octavia. The decision is made, and Lincoln carries Octavia away to safety.

Octavia’s departure with Lincoln signifies that she is willing to trust him and rely on him to protect her. It also shows the strong bond between Octavia and Lincoln, as she chooses to leave with him despite the risks involved.

It is important to note that Octavia’s decision to leave with Lincoln is not taken lightly. Both Bellamy and Lincoln understand the gravity of the situation and the potential dangers they may face. However, they believe that it is the best course of action to ensure Octavia’s safety.

By leaving with Lincoln, Octavia is taking a leap of faith, hoping that he will be able to protect her from any harm that may come their way. This decision demonstrates her trust in Lincoln’s abilities and their deep connection.

Octavia does leave with Lincoln, and their departure marks a significant turning point in their story.

Does Octavia Die In The 100?

In the TV series The 100, the fate of Octavia Blake, portrayed by actress Marie Avgeropoulos, is a significant plot point. In the course of the show, Octavia faces numerous challenges and dangers, leading to speculation about her ultimate fate. While I understand your curiosity, it is important to note that I cannot provide information about specific events that may occur in future seasons or episodes, as the storylines are subject to change.

However, up until the end of the seventh season, Octavia Blake’s character remains alive. It is worth mentioning that the show features complex narratives and unexpected twists, so the outcome of any character’s journey can be unpredictable. As with any TV series, it is best to watch and experience the story firsthand to fully understand the fate of Octavia Blake.

If you are interested in the character’s development throughout the series, I can provide a brief overview of Octavia Blake’s arc. Introduced as a member of the 100 prisoners sent to Earth, Octavia initially struggles to find her place in the post-apocalyptic world. Over time, she evolves into a fierce and resilient warrior, facing various challenges and becoming a key figure in the show’s central conflicts. Octavia’s journey involves personal growth, alliances, betrayals, and sacrifices, making her one of the most compelling characters in The 100.

What Episode Does Pike Die?

Pike Trickfoot, a character played by Ashley Johnson in the web series “Critical Role,” dies in episode 44 of the first campaign. This episode is titled “The Sun Tree” and was aired on February 11, 2016. Pike sacrifices herself to save the party from a swarm of bats that were infected with a deadly disease. She jumps off a cliff and uses her Holy Word spell to cure the bats, but in doing so, she is overwhelmed and dies. Pike’s death has a significant impact on the group and leads to a series of events that shape the rest of the campaign.


Lincoln’s sacrifice in saving Octavia showcased his unwavering love and dedication to her. Despite the heartbreaking loss of his life, it was evident that Lincoln’s actions were driven by a selfless desire to protect the ones he cared about. The manner in which he died, being executed by Pike, further emphasized the brutality and chaos that existed within the world of The 100.

Lincoln’s death also highlighted the harsh reality of the show’s post-apocalyptic setting, where survival often came at a great cost. His passing left a void in the hearts of those who knew him, particularly Bellamy, Octavia, and the Grounders who recognized his efforts to bridge the gap between their people and the Sky People.

Furthermore, the mysterious nature of the Anomaly and Octavia’s subsequent transformation added an intriguing supernatural element to the storyline. While it was initially believed that Octavia had died, her transformation into the green mist and subsequent disappearance raised questions about the true nature of the Anomaly and the potential for resurrection or rebirth.

Lincoln’s character arc showcased bravery, loyalty, and a willingness to sacrifice for the greater good. His legacy continued to impact the characters and the overall narrative of The 100, serving as a reminder of the harsh realities and unpredictable nature of their world.

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