What drinks do gangsters drink?

Answered by Jeremy Urbaniak

When it comes to the world of gangsters, there are certain drinks that have become synonymous with their lifestyle and image. Scotch and whiskey are two types of drinks that have long been favored by gangsters, evoking a sense of sophistication and power. One particular whiskey brand that has often been associated with gangsters is Cutty Sark.

Cutty Sark, a blended Scotch whisky, has a rich history and has been enjoyed by many throughout the years. Its smooth and distinct flavor profile made it a popular choice among gangsters who wanted to enjoy a quality drink while also making a statement. Ordering a Cutty and water, for example, became a trademark way for mobsters to request their preferred drink.

The use of specific brand names when ordering drinks was not just a matter of preference for gangsters, but also a way to showcase their status and establish their identity. By ordering a Cutty Sark instead of simply asking for scotch and water, gangsters were able to demonstrate their knowledge and appreciation for fine spirits. It added an air of exclusivity and sophistication to their drinking habits.

In the world of gangsters, image and reputation were of utmost importance. They wanted to be seen as powerful and influential individuals, and their choice of drinks played a part in shaping that perception. Enjoying a glass of Cutty Sark whiskey allowed them to align themselves with a brand that was known for its quality and prestige.

It’s worth noting that while Cutty Sark was a popular choice among gangsters, it certainly wasn’t the only brand they enjoyed. Other whiskey brands such as Jack Daniel’s and Johnny Walker were also favored by those in the underworld. The choice of drink often depended on personal preference and availability.

In my own experiences as an undercover FBI agent, I had the opportunity to witness firsthand the drinking habits of gangsters. It was fascinating to see how they would order their drinks with such precision and attention to detail. The way they would confidently ask for a Cutty and water or any other specific brand was a testament to their knowledge and appreciation for the finer things in life.

The drinks that gangsters preferred were often a reflection of their desire to project power, sophistication, and exclusivity. Scotch and whiskey, particularly brands like Cutty Sark, held a special place in their world and were enjoyed as part of their larger-than-life lifestyle.