What does yester morning mean?

Answered by Ricardo McCardle

Yester morning is an archaic term that refers to the morning of yesterday or the morning of the day that has just passed. It is a way to express the specific time frame of the morning from the previous day. The term “yester” is derived from Middle English and has largely fallen out of common usage in modern English.

When we break down the term, “yester” means “of yesterday” and “morning” refers to the period of time from sunrise until noon. Therefore, when we combine the two, “yester morning” simply means the morning that occurred on the day before the present day.

It’s important to note that the term “yester morning” is not commonly used in contemporary language. Instead, we typically use phrases like “this morning” or “the morning of yesterday” to convey the same meaning.

In my personal experience, I have rarely come across instances where the term “yester morning” was used. It seems to have become obsolete in modern English, potentially due to the evolving nature of language and the development of more concise and straightforward expressions.

To summarize, “yester morning” is an archaic term that means the morning of yesterday. While it may have been used in the past, it is no longer commonly utilized in modern English.