What does post up mean in basketball?

Answered by Michael Wilson

In basketball, the term “post up” refers to a specific offensive strategy where a player positions themselves near the basket, typically with their back to the defender. This tactic is commonly used by forwards and centers who have a size advantage over their opponents. When a player posts up, they aim to establish a deep position close to the basket, making it easier for them to receive a pass and score or create scoring opportunities for their teammates.

When a player decides to post up, they are essentially trying to gain an advantageous position against their defender. By using their body and strength, they can create space and make it difficult for the defender to block their shot or steal the ball. The player will often use their backside to “seal off” the defender, preventing them from getting between the player and the basket.

To successfully post up, a player needs to have good footwork, balance, and a variety of post moves. These moves can include drop steps, jump hooks, pump fakes, and turnaround jump shots. By having an array of moves, the offensive player can keep the defender guessing and make it harder for them to anticipate their next move.

In addition to scoring, posting up can also create opportunities for the player’s teammates. When a player is being heavily guarded in the post, it often draws attention from the defense. This can result in double teams or rotations, leaving other players open for shots or cutting to the basket for easy layups or dunks.

During my time playing basketball, I had the opportunity to both post up and defend against post players. It was always a physical battle in the post, with both players trying to establish position and gain an advantage. As an offensive player, I had to be aware of the positioning of both the defender and my teammates, looking for the best opportunity to score or create for others. Defensively, I had to focus on maintaining a low stance, using my body to deny the offensive player from getting too close to the basket.

Post up in basketball refers to the offensive strategy of positioning oneself near the basket with the back to the defender. It involves using size, strength, and footwork to establish an advantageous position and create scoring opportunities for oneself or teammates. It is a physical battle in the post, requiring both offensive and defensive players to be skilled and strategic in their movements.