What does Juice mean in Lizzo’s song?

Answered by Phillip Nicastro

In Lizzo’s song, “Juice,” the term “juice” takes on a metaphorical meaning. It represents Lizzo’s level of power, confidence, and self-respect. The song is all about embracing oneself, celebrating individuality, and feeling empowered.

When Lizzo sings about having the “juice,” she is expressing her own sense of self-worth and asserting her power. It’s about having a strong presence, both internally and externally. The term “juice” in this context is not referring to the literal object, but rather to the intangible qualities that make someone feel powerful and respected.

The idea of “juice” as respect or power has roots in hip-hop culture. It gained popularity and became more widely known through the 1992 film “Juice” starring Tupac Shakur. The film explored themes of power, respect, and the pursuit of success within the context of inner-city life. The term “juice” became synonymous with respect and influence, and it has since been incorporated into the lexicon of hip-hop and popular culture.

In Lizzo’s song, she embraces her own power and encourages others to do the same. She promotes self-love, body positivity, and the idea that everyone has the ability to be confident and respected. The lyrics of “Juice” are bold and empowering, reflecting Lizzo’s own journey towards self-acceptance and embracing her uniqueness.

Lizzo’s use of the term “juice” in her song is a way for her to assert her own power and confidence. It’s a reminder to herself and to her listeners that they have the ability to be confident, respected, and powerful in their own lives. By embracing their individuality and celebrating their own “juice,” they can overcome any obstacles and thrive.

“juice” in Lizzo’s song represents a metaphorical sense of power, respect, and self-acceptance. It’s about embracing one’s own uniqueness and finding the confidence to be unapologetically oneself. Through her music, Lizzo inspires her listeners to find their own “juice” and live their lives with a sense of empowerment and self-respect.