What does Caryn Chandler do for a living?

Answered by Tom Adger

Caryn Chandler, formerly known as Caryn Chandler Roloff, had a significant role in managing Roloff Farms for about a decade. Her primary responsibility was overseeing the operations during the annual pumpkin season, which is a crucial time for the farm. Matt Roloff, Amy Roloff’s ex-husband, mentioned in a 2018 episode of Little People, Big World that Caryn had been running the pumpkin season for ten years.

During her tenure as the farm manager, Caryn played an essential role in ensuring the smooth running of pumpkin season. This involved coordinating various aspects such as staffing, logistics, and customer experience. Her experience and dedication were instrumental in making the event a success year after year.

Additionally, Caryn made efforts to involve Amy in the pumpkin season activities as much as possible. Despite the end of her marriage to Matt, Amy continued to be connected to Roloff Farms, and Caryn recognized the importance of her involvement. It is worth noting that Amy and Caryn’s relationship has had its ups and downs, as documented on the show. However, Caryn’s goal was to maintain a positive working relationship and include Amy in the farm’s activities.

While pumpkin season was a significant part of Caryn’s responsibilities, it is important to note that her role likely extended beyond just this event. Managing a farm involves various day-to-day tasks such as overseeing agricultural operations, maintenance, and financial management. Although the show primarily focuses on the pumpkin season, it is likely that Caryn was involved in these aspects as well.

It is unclear what Caryn Chandler’s current occupation is after leaving her position at Roloff Farms in 2018. However, given her experience in farm management, it is possible that she has pursued similar roles in the agriculture industry. Alternatively, she may have transitioned into a different career path altogether. As of now, information about her current profession is not readily available.

Caryn Chandler played a crucial role in managing Roloff Farms for ten years, with a primary focus on overseeing the pumpkin season. She worked alongside Amy Roloff’s ex-husband, Matt Roloff, to ensure the smooth running of the event. While her specific responsibilities beyond pumpkin season are not detailed, it can be assumed that she had broader farm management duties. However, her current occupation is not publicly known.