How does 007 like his martini?

Answered by Frank Schwing

James Bond, the iconic fictional spy created by Ian Fleming, is famously known for his love of martinis. And while the traditional way of preparing a martini is to stir it, Bond prefers his martini to be shaken, not stirred. This preference has become synonymous with the character and has been featured in numerous Bond films and novels.

According to Andrew Lycett, Fleming’s biographer, the author himself preferred his martinis to be shaken. Fleming believed that shaking the cocktail preserved the flavor of the drink better than stirring it. While the debate over whether shaking or stirring actually affects the taste of a martini continues among cocktail enthusiasts, Bond’s preference for a shaken martini has become an integral part of his character.

The phrase “shaken, not stirred” was first mentioned in Fleming’s novel, “Diamonds Are Forever,” published in 1956. Since then, it has become Bond’s signature line when ordering a martini. The phrase has been repeated in numerous Bond films by various actors who have portrayed the character, further solidifying the association between Bond and his preferred method of cocktail preparation.

The choice of a shaken martini also reflects Bond’s character traits. He is often depicted as a suave and sophisticated gentleman, and the way he orders his drink adds to his image of being unique and refined. Shaking a martini is more visually appealing and creates a frothy texture, which may appeal to Bond’s sense of style and flair.

It is worth noting that not all martini enthusiasts agree with Bond’s preference. Traditionalists argue that stirring a martini is the correct method as it prevents the drink from becoming overly diluted and maintains the clarity of the cocktail. However, Bond’s preference for a shaken martini has undoubtedly popularized this method and has become an iconic part of his persona.

James Bond likes his martini shaken, not stirred. This preference, although controversial among cocktail enthusiasts, has become an integral part of the character’s identity. Whether it truly enhances the flavor of the drink or is simply a matter of personal style, Bond’s choice of a shaken martini reflects his sophistication and adds to his image as a suave and distinctive spy.