Can two people watch the same Wyze camera?

Answered by Robert Flynn

Two people can watch the same Wyze camera. The Wyze app allows multiple users to access and view the same camera feed. This feature is particularly useful for families or shared living spaces where multiple individuals may want to keep an eye on the same camera.

To share a Wyze camera with another person, the owner of the camera needs to send an invitation to the person they want to share it with. This can be done through the Wyze app by going to the Account tab and selecting the “Sharing” option. From there, the owner can enter the email address or Wyze account username of the person they want to share the camera with and send the invitation.

Once the invitation is sent, the recipient will receive a notification in their Wyze app. They can then accept the invitation by going to the Account tab and viewing the pending share invitations. Once accepted, the shared user will have access to view the camera feed and interact with the camera’s features, just like the owner.

It’s important to note that the shared user will not have the same level of control as the owner. They will not be able to change camera settings or access other advanced features that are only available to the owner. However, they will be able to view and monitor the camera feed in real-time.

In my personal experience, I have shared Wyze cameras with family members who live in different cities. It has been extremely helpful for us to keep an eye on shared spaces such as our parents’ home or our vacation property. We can all access the camera feed simultaneously and feel reassured about the security of those spaces.

The Wyze app allows for easy sharing of camera feeds with multiple users. This feature is ideal for families, roommates, or anyone who wants to share access to a Wyze camera.