What do gorillas do when they are mad?

Answered by John Hunt

When gorillas are mad or angry, they often exhibit certain behaviors to express their frustration or aggression. One common way they vocalize their anger is by producing loud vocalizations, such as roars, screams, or barks. These sounds can be quite intimidating and are used to communicate their displeasure to other gorillas or potential threats.

In addition to vocalizations, gorillas may also engage in physical displays of aggression. They might pound their chests with their fists, jump up and down, or slap the ground with their hands. These actions serve as a warning to others and are a way for gorillas to assert their dominance or express their anger.

It’s important to note that gorillas are incredibly strong and powerful animals, so it’s crucial to avoid provoking or challenging them when they are angry. If you encounter an angry gorilla, it is best to stay calm and avoid direct eye contact. Gorillas interpret direct eye contact as a sign of aggression, so it’s best to look away or avert your gaze. By doing so, you can help defuse the situation and minimize the likelihood of further agitation.

When interacting with gorillas, it’s important to be aware of their body language and respect their personal space. If a gorilla becomes curious rather than angry, they may display different behaviors. Curious gorillas might approach you and gently grab or tug at your clothes. This behavior is their way of investigating and exploring their surroundings.

To ensure your safety and the well-being of the gorilla, it’s crucial to remain calm and avoid making sudden movements. If a gorilla becomes agitated or angry, it’s best to give them space and slowly back away. Making yourself appear smaller by crouching down or hunching your shoulders can also help convey that you are not a threat.

When gorillas are mad, they may vocalize loudly, pound their chests, jump, slap the ground, or display other aggressive behaviors. It’s important to avoid direct eye contact, make yourself small, and give them space to prevent further escalation. By understanding and respecting their behavior, we can coexist safely with these magnificent creatures.