What county is Chubbuck ID in?

Answered by Willie Powers

Chubbuck, Idaho is located in Bannock County. Bannock County is situated in the southeastern part of the state and is home to several cities, including Pocatello, the largest city in the county. Chubbuck is actually a neighboring city of Pocatello, and together they form the Pocatello Metropolitan Statistical Area.

Bannock County, named after the Bannock Native American tribe, covers an area of approximately 1,148 square miles. It is known for its diverse landscape, including mountains, valleys, and the Portneuf River that runs through the county. The county has a rich history, dating back to the arrival of fur trappers and explorers in the early 19th century.

Chubbuck itself is a relatively small city with a population of 13,922 according to the 2010 census. Despite its proximity to Pocatello, Chubbuck has maintained its separate identity and has opposed several consolidation proposals over the years. This has allowed the city to develop its own unique character and community.

Living in Chubbuck offers residents the advantage of being close to the amenities and services of a larger city like Pocatello while still enjoying a quieter suburban lifestyle. The city has a range of housing options, from single-family homes to apartments, and is known for its safe neighborhoods and strong sense of community.

In terms of education, Chubbuck is served by the Pocatello/Chubbuck School District, which includes several elementary, middle, and high schools. The district is committed to providing quality education and offers a variety of programs and extracurricular activities for students.

When it comes to recreational activities, Chubbuck and the surrounding area have plenty to offer. Outdoor enthusiasts can explore the nearby mountains, national forests, and recreational areas, which provide opportunities for hiking, camping, fishing, and skiing. The region is also known for its natural hot springs, which offer a relaxing getaway.

In terms of amenities, Chubbuck has a range of shopping centers, restaurants, and entertainment options to cater to residents’ needs. The city is continuously growing and developing, with new businesses and developments popping up to meet the demands of the community.

Chubbuck, Idaho, located in Bannock County, offers a combination of small-town charm, proximity to larger cities, and access to outdoor recreational activities. Its separate identity from Pocatello allows it to maintain its own unique character while still benefiting from the services and opportunities of the larger metropolitan area.