What colour does not exist in nature?

Answered by Frank Schwing

Well, let me tell you, the color that simply does not exist in nature is true blue. Yeah, you heard that right. True blue, like the vibrant blue you see in the sky or in a clear blue ocean, is just not naturally found in the world around us. It’s kind of mind-boggling when you think about it.

You see, the thing is, true blue pigments or colors are not produced by plants or animals. They have to pull off some seriously cool tricks to give the illusion of being blue. Let’s take a look at one of nature’s blue wonders – the blue jay. These beautiful birds are often associated with the color blue, but in reality, their feathers aren’t truly blue at all.

The feathers of a blue jay actually appear blue due to their unique structure. The tiny structures within their feathers cause light to scatter in a way that reflects blue wavelengths back to our eyes. It’s all about the physics of light, and these feather structures are basically manipulating the light to create that blue appearance. It’s like nature’s own optical illusion.

But wait, there’s more to this fascinating phenomenon. You see, the absence of true blue pigments in nature is not limited to just animals. Plants also struggle to produce true blue flowers. there are some flowers that may appear blue to us, like the forget-me-nots or hydrangeas, but they’re not actually true blue either.

In the case of blue flowers, the color is mostly the result of pigments called anthocyanins. These pigments can create a range of colors, including red, purple, and even blue. However, true blue is still a challenge for plants. The reason for this lies in the chemical structure of anthocyanins. Without going into too much scientific detail, the chemical makeup of these pigments makes it difficult for them to produce a true blue color.

So, all in all, true blue is a color that nature seems to have a hard time producing. But worry not, my friend, because even though true blue may be a rarity in nature, it doesn’t mean we can’t appreciate and marvel at the blues we do encounter – whether it’s the sky on a clear day or a stunning blue jay in flight. Nature has its own way of surprising and enchanting us, even without true blue.