What can you buy with 500 Kenyan shillings?

Answered by Michael Wilson

As of April 2021, with a 500 Kenyan shilling note, you can purchase a variety of essential items. Let’s explore what you can buy with this amount.

1. Food Items:
– Maize Flour: You can buy around 2kg of maize flour which is a staple food in Kenya. This can provide you with several meals and is commonly used to make Ugali, a traditional Kenyan dish.
– Rice: Depending on the quality and brand, you can get approximately 1kg of rice. Rice is a versatile ingredient and is widely consumed across the country.
– Beans: With 500 shillings, you can purchase around 1.5kg of beans. Beans are a good source of protein and are a common component of many Kenyan meals.
– Cooking Oil: You can buy approximately 1 liter of cooking oil, which is a crucial ingredient in many dishes.
– Sugar: You can purchase around 1kg of sugar, which is widely used in tea, coffee, and baking.

2. Hygiene and Household Items:
– Soap: You can buy several bars of soap, depending on the brand and size. This can include bath soap, laundry soap, or dishwashing soap.
– Toothpaste: Depending on the brand and size, you can purchase a tube of toothpaste, ensuring good oral hygiene.
– Sanitary Pads: For women, this amount can buy a pack of sanitary pads, ensuring menstrual hygiene.
– Toilet Paper: You can buy a few rolls of toilet paper, which is an essential item for maintaining cleanliness.
– Cleaning Detergent: With 500 shillings, you can purchase cleaning detergents such as powder or liquid soap for household cleaning purposes.

3. Personal Care Items:
– Shampoo: Depending on the brand and size, you can buy a bottle of shampoo for hair care.
– Lotion: You can purchase a small bottle of lotion for moisturizing your skin.
– Deodorant: With this amount, you can buy a deodorant stick to keep yourself fresh throughout the day.
– Toothbrush: You can purchase a toothbrush, ensuring dental hygiene.

4. Stationery Items:
– Exercise Books: Depending on the type and size, you can buy several exercise books for studying or writing purposes.
– Pens: You can purchase a packet of pens, ensuring you have writing instruments for various tasks.
– Pencils: With this amount, you can buy a pack of pencils, which are essential for writing and drawing.

5. Snacks and Refreshments:
– Biscuits: You can buy a few packets of biscuits, providing you with snacks for leisure or tea time.
– Soft Drinks: Depending on the size and brand, you can purchase a few bottles or cans of soft drinks for refreshment.

It is important to note that the prices mentioned above are approximate and can vary depending on the location, brand, and market conditions. Additionally, availability may also vary. It is advisable to check the current prices and availability before making a purchase.

With a 500 Kenyan shilling note, you can buy a range of essential items such as food, hygiene products, personal care items, stationery, and snacks. It is essential to prioritize your needs and make wise choices based on your requirements and budget.