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Argentavis, also known as the “Argent,” is a large and majestic creature that inhabits the world of Ark: Survival Evolved. With its impressive wingspan and powerful beak, this bird is one of the most sought-after creatures by players. In this article, we will explore the capabilities of the Argentavis and what it can pick up in the game.

The Argentavis is a versatile flyer that can carry a wide range of creatures and items. Its size and strength allow it to transport smaller creatures and even some larger ones. However, there are certain limitations to what it can pick up.

One of the most common uses of the Argentavis is to transport smaller creatures. It can easily carry creatures such as the Pteranodon, Direwolf, and Dung Beetle. This makes it an excellent choice for players who want to move their tamed creatures to different locations or for those who are looking to gather resources efficiently.

In addition to smaller creatures, the Argentavis can also pick up larger creatures like the Doedicurus and the Tusoteuthis. This opens up new possibilities for players as they can now transport heavy-duty creatures and use them for various purposes, such as gathering resources or defending their bases.

However, it is worth noting that there are certain creatures that the Argentavis cannot pick up. For example, larger and more powerful creatures like the Rex and the Brontosaurus are too heavy for the Argentavis to carry. Additionally, the Argentavis cannot pick up creatures that are currently being ridden by other players or creatures.

Aside from carrying creatures, the Argentavis can also transport items. This means that players can load up the Argentavis with resources, weapons, and other valuable items and transport them to different locations. This feature is particularly useful for players who want to establish new bases or trade items with other players.

To pick up a creature or an item, players simply need to fly close to it and press the left trigger button. The Argentavis will then grab hold of the creature or item, allowing players to transport it to a desired location. To release the creature or item, players need to press the left trigger button again.

The Argentavis is a powerful and versatile creature in Ark: Survival Evolved. Its ability to carry a wide range of creatures and items makes it a valuable asset for players. However, there are certain limitations to what it can pick up, and players should be mindful of these restrictions when planning their gameplay strategies.

What Dino Can Argentavis Pick Up?

The Argentavis, a majestic creature in the world of ARK: Survival Evolved, possesses the ability to carry a variety of different creatures. Here, I will provide you with an extensive list of the creatures that can be picked up by an Argentavis:

1. Pteranodon
2. Tusoteuthis
3. Direwolf
4. Doedicurus
5. Dung Beetle
6. Kairuku
7. Jerboa
8. Otter
9. Compy
10. Dilophosaur
11. Dimorphodon
12. Hesperornis
13. Ichthyornis
14. Ichthyosaurus
15. Kairuku
16. Lystrosaurus
17. Mesopithecus
18. Microraptor
19. Otter
20. Oviraptor

These are just a few examples of the creatures that can be picked up by an Argentavis. The Argentavis’s size and strength enable it to transport a wide range of creatures, making it a valuable asset for players in the game.

Please note that this is not an exhaustive list, and there might be other creatures that an Argentavis can pick up. However, these creatures mentioned above have been verified based on the current information available.

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Can Argentavis Pick Things Up?

The Argentavis, which is a large bird-like creature in the game, is capable of picking up animals. By using the left trigger on your controller, you can grab and pick up animals with the Argentavis. This feature allows you to control and manipulate the environment in the game, as you can carry animals to different locations or use them as a weapon against enemies.

Furthermore, the Argentavis also has the ability to attack using its right trigger. This attack can be used on both picked up animals and enemies, providing a means of defense or offense depending on the situation.

In terms of movement, you can control the speed of the Argentavis by pulling the left stick back to decelerate and pushing it forward to accelerate. This gives you the flexibility to navigate the game world at your preferred pace.

To navigate through the air, you can use the jump button to both take off from the ground and land back down. It also allows you to fly, granting you the freedom to explore the game’s vast map from the skies.

The Argentavis in the game has the ability to pick up animals, attack enemies, control its speed, and fly using the jump button. These features enhance the gameplay experience and provide various strategic options for players to enjoy.

Can Argentavis Pick Up Baryonyx?

An Argentavis is capable of picking up a Baryonyx. The Argentavis is a large bird-like creature in ARK: Survival Evolved that has the ability to carry and transport other creatures. This means it can grab and fly with the Baryonyx in its talons.

Here are some tips and strategies for using an Argentavis to carry a Baryonyx:

1. Taming an Argentavis: Before you can use an Argentavis to pick up a Baryonyx, you need to tame one. You can do this by using a combination of tranq arrows or darts and a taming food like Raw Prime Meat or Raw Mutton. It’s important to note that higher level Argentavis will have more carry weight and stamina, so try to find a high-level one if possible.

2. Baryonyx Taming: Once you have your Argentavis, you’ll need to find and tame a Baryonyx. Baryonyx are semi-aquatic creatures, so you can usually find them near bodies of water. Use a combination of tranq arrows or darts and a taming food like Raw Prime Meat or Raw Mutton to tame the Baryonyx. It’s recommended to have a taming pen or a safe area to trap and tame the Baryonyx.

3. Carry Weight: The carry weight of your Argentavis will determine how much it can carry, including the Baryonyx. Higher level Argentavis will have more carry weight, so try to find or breed ones with high stats in this area. Increasing the carry weight of your Argentavis through leveling up is also a good strategy.

4. Stamina Management: Flying with a Baryonyx in tow will consume more stamina than regular flying. Make sure to keep an eye on your Argentavis’ stamina and land periodically to let it regenerate. Having a good supply of stamina-restoring items like Stimberries or Stimulant can also be helpful during longer flights.

5. Transporting the Baryonyx: To pick up a Baryonyx with your Argentavis, fly close to it and press the appropriate button to grab it. The Baryonyx will be held in the Argentavis’ talons, allowing you to fly with it. Be careful not to drop the Baryonyx while in mid-air, as it may take fall damage or become vulnerable to other creatures.

6. Combat Support: The Argentavis can also provide combat support while carrying the Baryonyx. It can attack and kill smaller creatures that pose a threat to both the Argentavis and the Baryonyx. This can be helpful when navigating dangerous areas or defending against aggressive wildlife.

Using an Argentavis to carry a Baryonyx can be a useful strategy for transportation, taming, or combat purposes in ARK: Survival Evolved. Just make sure to tame and level up your Argentavis properly to maximize its carry weight and stamina for optimal performance.

Can Argentavis Pick Up Ankylo?

The Argentavis is indeed capable of carrying the Ankylosaurus in the game Ark: Survival Evolved. The Argentavis is a large flying creature that can be tamed and utilized for transportation and combat purposes. On the other hand, the Ankylosaurus is a heavily armored dinosaur known for its ability to gather resources such as metal, flint, and stone. Despite its size and weight, the Ankylosaurus can be lifted and transported by the Argentavis, making it a useful combination for players looking to efficiently gather resources or move around the game world. This functionality adds a strategic element to gameplay, allowing players to easily transport their Ankylosaurus to resource-rich areas or to quickly traverse long distances.

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The Argentavis is a highly versatile creature in the world of ARK: Survival Evolved. With its impressive carrying capacity, it is capable of transporting a wide range of animals and resources, making it an invaluable asset for players looking to efficiently gather and transport materials.

The Argentavis’ ability to carry creatures such as the Pteranodon, Tusoteuthis, and even the powerful Direwolf, opens up a range of strategic possibilities for players. Whether it be for scouting, combat, or resource gathering, the Argentavis provides a reliable means of transportation that can greatly enhance gameplay efficiency.

Additionally, the Argentavis’ ability to attack while carrying enemies adds another layer of utility. This allows players to engage in aerial combat, defending themselves and their carried creatures from threats. The Argentavis’ ability to decelerate and accelerate, as well as its ability to land and take off, further enhances its maneuverability and adaptability in different situations.

The Argentavis is a creature that offers a multitude of benefits for players in ARK: Survival Evolved. Its carrying capacity, combat capabilities, and versatility make it an essential companion for those looking to thrive in the challenging and dangerous environments of the game.

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