What are the zip codes for Coconut Grove?

Answered by Robert Flynn

Coconut Grove, a vibrant neighborhood in Miami, Florida, is renowned for its lush greenery, charming streets, and unique bohemian atmosphere. The zip codes associated with this beautiful area are 33129 and 33133. These zip codes encompass the entirety of Coconut Grove and are used for mail delivery, identification, and geographical reference purposes.

Zip code 33129 covers the southern part of Coconut Grove, extending from the coastline of Biscayne Bay to the western boundary of US Route 1, also known as South Dixie Highway. This zip code includes notable areas like Dinner Key Marina, Vizcaya Museum and Gardens, Mercy Hospital, and several prestigious residential communities.

On the other hand, zip code 33133 encapsulates the northern part of Coconut Grove, stretching from US Route 1 to the northernmost edge of the neighborhood. This zip code encompasses popular landmarks such as CocoWalk, The Barnacle Historic State Park, Peacock Park, and the Grove’s bustling commercial district along Grand Avenue and Main Highway.

Having lived in Miami myself, I have had the pleasure of exploring the enchanting streets of Coconut Grove. The diversity of architectural styles, from Mediterranean-inspired villas to charming bungalows, adds to the neighborhood’s charm. Walking through the tree-lined streets, one can’t help but feel a sense of tranquility and community that is unique to this area.

Coconut Grove’s zip codes play a crucial role in organizing and identifying the various residential and commercial areas within the neighborhood. They are vital for mail delivery services, ensuring that letters, packages, and other correspondences reach the intended recipients promptly.

Moreover, these zip codes also serve as a geographical reference, helping locals and visitors navigate the neighborhood more efficiently. Whether you’re searching for a specific address, planning a visit to one of the area’s many attractions, or exploring the Grove’s diverse dining and shopping options, knowing the relevant zip codes can make your experience smoother and more enjoyable.

The zip codes 33129 and 33133 cover the entirety of Coconut Grove, Miami. These zip codes not only facilitate mail delivery but also serve as geographical markers and references for navigating this vibrant and captivating neighborhood. Whether you’re a resident or a visitor, understanding and utilizing these zip codes can enhance your experience in Coconut Grove.