What are the 21 new emojis on iPhone?

Answered by Michael Wilson

I recently updated my iPhone and discovered some exciting new emojis! Let me share with you the 21 new emojis that I found on my device.

1. Shaking Face: This emoji represents a face with closed eyes and a slight smile, as if shaking with laughter. It’s perfect for expressing uncontrollable laughter or finding something extremely funny.

2. Wing: The wing emoji depicts a single feathered wing, usually associated with birds or angels. It can be used to symbolize freedom, grace, or spirituality.

3. Donkey: This adorable emoji showcases a donkey, a domesticated animal known for its stubbornness. It can be used humorously to express stubbornness or tenacity.

4. Folding Hand Fan: The folding hand fan emoji represents a traditional handheld fan, often associated with Asian cultures. It symbolizes elegance, beauty, and grace. This emoji can also be used to indicate a desire to cool down or beat the heat.

5. Moose: The moose emoji portrays the majestic and iconic animal of North America. It’s perfect for representing wildlife, nature, or even a playful reference to “moose” as a word.

6. Jellyfish: This emoji captures the unique appearance of a jellyfish, with its translucent bell-shaped body and trailing tentacles. It can be used to represent marine life, the ocean, or even a stinging remark.

7. Grey Heart: The grey heart emoji is a neutral-colored heart, often used to convey a sense of neutrality, indifference, or a lack of strong emotion. It can be used when discussing something that doesn’t particularly excite or move you.

8. Pink Heart: On the other hand, the pink heart emoji is a vibrant and affectionate symbol of love and romance. It’s perfect for expressing adoration, fondness, or simply sending love to someone.

9. Biting Lip: The biting lip emoji shows a face with closed eyes and a biting or slightly pouting lip. It can be used to convey a range of emotions, such as nervousness, anticipation, or even seduction.

10. Melting Face: This emoji depicts a face with a melting or drooping appearance. It can be used to convey extreme heat, melting away under pressure, or a sense of exhaustion.

11. Troll: The troll emoji represents a mythical creature often associated with mischief and playfulness. It can be used humorously to indicate trolling or being mischievous online.

12. Nesting Dolls: The nesting dolls emoji showcases a set of traditional Russian dolls, each fitting inside the other. It symbolizes family, unity, or the idea of hidden surprises or layers.

13. Beans: This emoji portrays a handful of beans, often associated with coffee beans or the act of “spilling the beans” by revealing a secret. It can also be used to represent legumes in general.

14. X-Ray: The X-ray emoji depicts an X-ray image of a human skeleton. It can be used to symbolize medical or health-related topics, as well as to convey a sense of transparency or seeing through things.

15. Injured Face: This emoji showcases a face with a bandage or plaster on its forehead, indicating a minor injury or boo-boo. It can be used to express sympathy, minor accidents, or needing some extra care.

16. Mirror Ball: The mirror ball emoji represents a shiny disco ball often used in dance clubs or parties. It can be used to convey a sense of celebration, fun, or a lively atmosphere.

17. Playground Slide: This emoji portrays a playground slide, often seen in parks or recreational areas. It can be used to indicate playfulness, nostalgia, or simply reminiscing about childhood memories.

18. Empty Nest: The empty nest emoji shows a nest with no eggs or birds inside. It can be used to symbolize an empty home, the concept of an “empty nester,” or the feeling of loneliness or loss.

19. Bubbles: This emoji features a cluster of bubbles, often associated with cleanliness, bathing, or simply having fun. It can be used to convey a sense of relaxation, joy, or a bubbly personality.

20. Troll Face: The troll face emoji represents the well-known internet meme character with a mischievous grin and exaggerated facial features. It can be used humorously to indicate trolling, mischief, or playful sarcasm.

21. Disco Ball: The disco ball emoji depicts a glittery ball often used in discotheques or parties. It can be used to convey a festive mood, a night out, or a love for dancing and music.

These are the 21 new emojis that I discovered on my iPhone. I hope you find them as fun and expressive as I do!