What are orange koi called?

Answered by Antonio Sutton

Orange koi are commonly referred to as Hariwake. This variety of koi can be defined by its vibrant yellow or orange colors, which give it a striking appearance. Hariwake is a popular choice among koi enthusiasts due to its unique coloration and its ability to add a bright splash of color to any pond or aquarium.

In addition to the standard Hariwake variety, there is also a Doitsu version called Kikusui. Doitsu koi are characterized by their scaleless bodies, which give them a sleek and smooth appearance. Kikusui, the Doitsu Hariwake, retains the beautiful yellow or orange coloration but with the added feature of scalelessness. This variation makes the Kikusui even more visually appealing and sought after by koi lovers.

Another variation of Hariwake is the Tancho variety. Tancho koi are defined by a single, round, and bright red spot on their head. This red spot resembles the distinctive red crest of the Japanese crane, which is why Tancho koi are often compared to this elegant bird. When it comes to Hariwake, the Tancho variation adds a touch of uniqueness and rarity to the already stunning orange coloration.

It’s worth noting that Hariwake can also be found in Gin Rin varieties. Gin Rin koi, also known as metallic koi, have scales that exhibit a sparkling or glittering effect. This sparkling appearance is caused by the presence of reflective scales that can enhance the color and overall beauty of the koi. Therefore, a Hariwake koi with Gin Rin scales will have an added shimmer and shine, making it even more eye-catching.

To summarize, orange koi are commonly referred to as Hariwake. They are known for their vibrant yellow or orange colors and are available in various variations, including Kikusui, Tancho, and Gin Rin. Each variation adds its own unique characteristics and visual appeal to these beautiful fish. Whether you are a koi enthusiast or simply appreciate the beauty of these aquatic creatures, Hariwake and its variations are sure to captivate your attention and add a touch of vibrancy to any aquatic environment.