What are Hanuman’s powers?

Answered by Ricardo McCardle

Hanuman, the beloved devotee of Lord Rama, possesses various extraordinary powers that have been bestowed upon him by different Gods. These powers make him an incredibly formidable and versatile being, capable of accomplishing miraculous feats. Let us delve into the details of Hanuman’s extraordinary abilities.

1. Shapeshifting: One of Hanuman’s remarkable powers is his ability to change his size and appearance at will. He can shrink himself to the size of a tiny mole or expand his presence to colossal proportions, reaching the heights of the sky. This power allows him to adapt to different situations and overcome obstacles with ease.

2. Superhuman Strength: Hanuman is known for his immense physical strength, which surpasses that of any mortal being. His strength is said to be a result of the blessings of Lord Shiva. Hanuman’s mighty arms can uproot mountains, crush boulders, and even carry entire mountains effortlessly. This power enables him to perform extraordinary feats of strength and serve his Lord with unwavering devotion.

3. Flight: Hanuman possesses the power of flight, which he acquired from the wind God, Vayu. With a single leap, he can soar through the skies, traversing vast distances in a matter of moments. This ability allows him to swiftly travel to different realms, overcome obstacles, and fulfill his duties as Lord Rama’s messenger and servant.

4. Immortality: Hanuman is believed to possess immortality, granted by the Gods as a reward for his unwavering devotion and service. This immortality grants him eternal life, making him ageless and invulnerable to physical harm. It is said that even a single hair from his body has the power to bestow immortality upon others.

5. Knowledge and Intelligence: Hanuman is renowned for his exceptional intelligence and wisdom. He is often referred to as “Chiranjeevi,” meaning the eternal being who possesses infinite knowledge. Hanuman’s deep spiritual insights and profound understanding of scriptures make him a revered figure among scholars and seekers of knowledge. His wisdom aids him in making wise decisions and guiding others in their spiritual journeys.

6. Divine Weaponry: Hanuman possesses various divine weapons that he can wield when the need arises. One such weapon is the mighty mace, which he received from Lord Vishnu. This celestial weapon aids him in battle and protects him from evil forces. Hanuman’s proficiency in using these weapons makes him a formidable warrior and a guardian of righteousness.

7. Healing Powers: Hanuman’s devotion and divine blessings have endowed him with the ability to heal and cure ailments. His mere presence can alleviate suffering and bring solace to those in distress. This healing power is not limited to physical ailments but also extends to emotional and spiritual well-being.

Hanuman’s powers are truly awe-inspiring, reflecting his divine nature and unwavering devotion. His extraordinary abilities enable him to serve his Master, Lord Rama, with utmost dedication and fulfill his role as a guardian of righteousness. Hanuman’s story serves as an inspiration for all, reminding us of the limitless potential that lies within us when fueled by devotion and selfless service.